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1 Custard Bulging Teardrop castor set Dithridge; Sundown shaker; Creased Bale mustard.; Bulging teardrop shaker; metal good $385
1 Custard Georgia Gem Butter, cov'd Tarentum; no gold; 2 lg chips on flange of base; can’t see w/ lid on. $95
1 Custard Louis XV tumbler Northwood $75
1 Custard Jefferson Optic toothpick holder Jefferson; rose painted decor $125
1 Custard Thumbprint & Star Band Mug Heisey; souvenir "White Lake Mich."; faint gold rim $48
4 Custard/ Decor Vermont; Honeycomb w/ Flower Rim Footed sauce dishes U S Glass Co.; Excellent paint; blue flowers; each $55
1 Custard/ Decor Singing Birds; Thrush & Appleblossom Mug Northwood; Nutmeg decor $185