Curtain Tiebacks
                       & Towel Holders!!
    Welcome to our Web Store featuring antique glass "pins" or curtain tiebacks, as shown in the May, 2003 issue of Romantic Homes Magazine article "Curtain Call" beginning on page 10. Several of them are also pictured (as noted below) in the June, 2005 issue of Country Living Magazine article "Window Dressing" beginning on page 38.
    The original flint glass issues from the mid 1800s were copied around the turn of the 20th century and those are called "early reproductions". Tiebacks are being currently reproduced & these we are calling "late reproductions".
    Some of the early tiebacks we offer for sale still have the original metal and some do not. We are able to supply metal for some of those which are shown without metal for an additional $16 each ($30 for a pair).
    While the primary original use for these beautiful and unique Victorian decorative objects of "home jewelry" was to hold back curtains, the scarcity of pairs of matching sets led us to adapt them to another use - towel holders!
    To learn more about curtain tiebacks, go HERE.

    As shown at Right, they are great for showing off hand towels in the kitchen as well as guest towels in the vanity. Hang your daughter's ribbons on one; the possibilities for their use are only limited by your imagination.
    So browse our selections & click HERE to email us with any questions or orders to purchase.

#41 These are two flint curtain tiebacks that are a matched pair.  The glass is 3 1/4"
in diameter shows no damage.  They were made mid 19th c. probably at the Boston Sandwich Glass Co..  The come with installed brackets that screw into the wall.
See them both from the back HERE.  The pair, including the brackets is $135.

We have 3 of
these antique
3" in diameter amber tiebacks
with good
metal pins
$36 each.

These are #034 & #036 - 2 original early FLINT tiebacks from the 1840s that have the same design, are the same size - 3" in diameter, but are not the same color.  The one on the left #034 is bluish opalescent and the one on the right #036 is clear with some opalescence.
#034 has a tiny nic on the side seen HERE and #036 has a large chip on the side seen HERE. Both areas of damage can be hidden by the curtain or towel.
They can be purchased separately; #034 is $95 and #036 is $55  Or they are $125 for the pair.
Both include their original metal pins or new pins
can be purchased below for $16 each.

#032  This is an original Boston Sandwich Glass Co. 1840s milk glass 3" diameter tieback with some milky edge opalescence. Other than the normal small nics around the edge seen HERE, there is no damage.  It is FLINT and **SOLD**

#035  This is an 1840s 3" diameter matching pair of the Petal & Shell
pattern in FLINT milky white with blue edge tint.  See Back View HERE.
See a view from the back showing really minimal damage HERE
The pair is **SOLD**

#003 This is a single very handsome heavy metal (brass) vintage tieback with a good post. It is 3 1/2" diameter
& would make a
handsome towel holder
or single tieback. $65.

Shown here are our late
issue 4" milk glass opalescent curtain tieback with new
metal pins. They are
$75/ Pair.
We have several pair
in stock at this time.

These are 4" late issue tiebacks in
light amber glass.
They have no damage and the new
posts are included.  $55 for the pair.
We have 1 pair left in stock at this time.

We have late issue 4" curtain tiebacks which come with new metal pins
available in amethyst and true blue .
They are $55/ Pair.
   #30  This is an early flint curtain tieback that is different in that the metal pin behind it screws into the glass but does not go through it. So the front flower is complete.
It is 3" in diameter and is as usual for early flint opalescent glass, it has a slight bluish cast. It is $155.

Here's a rare 150 year old single flint tieback similar to the opalescent
one above but in "canary"; what we now call vaseline.
It screams yellow-green under a black light, is 3 1/2"  diameter, has no damage and a post that screws directly into the glass in the back. It would show off a delicate curtain or hand towel beautifully! #O40    $175

New posts can be added to
curtain tiebacks for $16 each
or $30 for a pair.

They can only be purchased with the glass tiebacks & not separately.

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