This Site is dedicated to sharing SOME of the corrections to errors in the book,
"Standard Encyclopedia of Pressed Glass" 2nd edition published 2000
by Bill Edwards

with the hope that it will be used by many (including the author) to learn
about the patterns of EAPG.
This author published a similar book in 1999 which was so full of errors that is has set back the study of Early American Pattern Glass for years to come. Corrections to that book can be found at a web site reached by clicking HERE. It is not claimed that this list, long as it is, is comprehensive OR the last word. If you have additional contributions, please click on his name to email Hal Hooper with your corrections or differences of opinion and a cite for your findings.
Entries are in page number order with
page number first, then pattern name.
--14 under Portland Glass Company--typo in T(H)ree of Life
--15 - under Robinson Glass Company, correct dates are 1893 - 1900, not 1896. No evidence in the literature that John Robinson ever used a middle initial "D." or any other middle initial. Confusing, as there were several other John Robinsons that worked in the glass industry about the same time, and they did use various middle initials. John Robinson was with the Bellaire Goblet Company for quite a while. Could find no evidence in the literature of his ever having been with Columbia as stated.

--16 ACTRESS - This pattern was made by Adams and Company, not LaBelle, Crystal or Riverside.
           See article by Jane Spillman, The Glass Club Bulletin, NEAGC, Winter 1990/91.
--18 AMBERETTE - The name for this pattern in clear is "Ellrose" by Geo. Duncan.
--23 ASHMAN - Made by Adams, 1886.   Spillman article.
--32 BEADED SWAG - This pattern was made as early as 1899 through 1904 by Heisey.  Many of the examples do not have the registered Diamond H trademark that began use in 1900.
--40 BRINGING HOME THE COWS - Made in 1890 not 1870s as the Dalzell firm did not  begin  existence until 1883.
--41 The Broken Column example pictured is a reproduction square covered comport or wedding bowl not made in the original pattern. These are very common and it is misleading to a new to EAPG person to picture a repro piece as an example of the pattern.
--49 CENTER MEDALLION - This is now known to be "Jersey Lily" by Riverside, 1883. However, this  information could not have been known to the authors, as the previously unknown 1883  Riverside catalog was not discovered until mid 2000.
--51 CHERRY AND FIG - Made by Dalzell, Gilmore, and Leighton.
--62 CROWN SALT - This is "Imperial" salt by Bakewell Pears. Shown in their 1872 - 1875 catalog.
--63 CUPID AND VENUS - This pattern is not "Minerva".
--64 CURRANT - This pattern was not made by Boston and Sandwich.
--65 DAHLIA - Attribution is under study - one opinion is that Beaver Falls Glass made this pattern... the latest opinion is that Co-op made Dahlia introducing it 1885/6 time frame. This is an attribution based on many wholesaler assortments. Likely OMN is No. 100 based on Pitken Brooks (who used OMN) catalog.
--67 DAISY AND BUTTON WITH NARCISSUS - Made circa 1910 and not 1890.
--71 DEER ALERT - This is a typical Dalzell shape and considered by many to be made by that firm.
--84 DRUM AND EAGLE - This mug was made by Westmoreland starting about 1909 and some were  inscripted "50th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg 1863 - 1913. It is not a part of the Bryce Higbee child's "Drum" set. Pattern Glass Mugs by Walt Adams and John Mordock.
--86 DUNCAN' CLOVER - Made by Duncan & Miller, circa 1904 and not George Duncan in 1890.
--88 EGYPTIAN - Made by Adams and Company, 1883-1887. See Spillman article. It was  not made  by Boston and Sandwich.
--88 addition to Electric pattern; also can be found in emerald green
--105 FROSTED CHICKEN - Made by Riverside, 1883. Newly found 1883 Riverside catalog.
--106 FROSTED EAGLE - Mistake carried over from first book; the incorrect base is shown with the lid (which shockingly is correct).
--107 FUSCHIA - Not made by Boston and Sandwich.
--115 GRASSHOPPER - Made by Riverside, 1883. Newly found 1883 Riverside catalog.
--129 HUMMINGBIRD - This pattern was not made by the Crystallograph treatment and therefore probably not Riverside.
--152 LONE FISHERMAN - Part of the "Actress" pattern by Adams.
--155 MAGNET AND GRAPE - There are two types in this pattern. The first is "Frosted Magnet and  Grape" is flint and made by Boston and Sandwich, 1860s. The second is  "Stippled Magnet and Grape" is non-flint and made by Adams, 1870s.
--161 MINERVA - This pattern was made by Adams, 1881 - 1885. Spillman article. It was  not made  by Boston and Sandwich or Burlington.
--178 PANEL, RIB, AND SHELL - This pattern was made by Central Glass, 1880s and may have been  continued by another U.S. Glass firm after 1891.
--186 PILGRIM BOTTLE - This is Central Glass's #731 pattern and in their 1885 catalog.
--187 PILLAR AND BULLSEYE - The picture is incorrect, as it is "Loop". This is a carryover from the corrections of the 1999 edition.
--195 QUARTERED BLOCK - Made by Duncan and Miller, 1905. This is a carryover from the  corrections of the 1999 edition.
--210 under Sawtoothed Honeycomb, same error as in Vol. 1 with spelling of the Steimer Glass Co.
--230 SWIRL WITH CABLE - This is definitely Dalzell, Gilmore, and Leighton.
--234 under Texas Star, same error as in Vol. 1 with spelling of the
Steimer Glass Co.
--235 THOUSAND EYE - There are two makers of two different styles. The photo is the one made by Adams. The second maker is Richards and Hartley. This is a carryover from the corrections of  the
1999 edition.
--237 TIPTOE - The picture here is identical to the one on the previous page for the "Three  Panel"  pattern, which is correct.
--248 WAFFLE AND FINECUT - This well known pattern should be listed under the name of  "Cathedral" or the Manufacturer's Original Name of "Orion" and not the obscure name of "Waffle  and  Finecut".
--249 WASHINGTON EARLY - The photo here is of McKee's "Brilliant" pattern, 1864.
--258 BATES PLATE - This person is John Adams, founder of the Adams and Company.  Obviously the pattern was made by Adams in 1886. See Spillman article.
--261 CLEOPATRA - Made by Adams, 1883-1887, and not Boston and Sandwich in the 1870s.
--262 DEWEY BUST - This pitcher is more commonly known as "Gridley". It was made b Beatty Brady Glass after 1898.
--270 LIBERTY BELL - Made by Adams, 1876 and not by Gillinder. See Spillman article.
--272 LOVES REQUEST IS PICKLES - Made by Adams and not Crystal, Riverside or LaBelle.         See  Spillman article.
--278 US GRANT - PATRIOT AND SOLDIER - Made by Bryce Higbee in 1885.
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