A Story About The First Pressed Glass Tumbler

This article was in an 1875 issue of the Crockery Journal
                      (later the Glass & Crockery Journal):
                                "PRESSED GLASS
"The first pressed tumbler ever made is in the possession of Col. J. A. Dobson of Baltimore. It was made by Denning [sic] Jarvis, Sr., 1827, at Sandwich, Mass. So great was the indignation of the glass blowers at the time against Mr. Jarvis' "new invention" that his life was threatened, and he was obliged to seclude himself for more than two months, and it was nearly one year before he dare venture out after nightfall. We understand that the Colonel will have this celebrated tumbler on exhibition at the Centennial in 1876."

Do you wonder what ever happened to the tumbler?

 According to Historian Larry, it was dropped and destroyed at the Centennial before a large audience, I believe by Mr. Hobbs, who was inconsolate.

And what did it look like? We can only guess; we don't know it it was flat or footed, but it may have looked something like one of these.....