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This is one of the most difficult of all EAPG patterns in telling originals from
reproductions, unless you happen to be an accomplished numismatist. 
I am not; my husband is - and he has still been fooled.
The originals were made with clear and frosted coins and rarely some forms in gold,
platinum, ruby or amber stain, by the Central Glass Co. in 1892 illegally using
REAL U. S. coins in the molds and when the Feds found out, that was the end of that.
Known repro'd forms include the bread plate, toothpick holder, 6" flat cov'd bowl,
candlestick, cov'd compote, creamer, paperweight, cov'd sugar and tumbler.
Originals in this pattern all turn
yellow green under a black light in a dark room.
BUT! Some repros may turn also so that is not a solid test.
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Baltimore Pear aka Gipsy

On the left is an original toothpick holder in the famous and very scarce & coveted
U S Coin pattern.  A reproduction toothpick holder is on the right.  It is hard to photograph these coins so that they can be clearly distinguished, especially
when one is clear and one is frosted.  But we do the best we can with what we
have to work with.  The original Lady Liberty has a little crown and her head is smaller .  Also the words around the coin are less legible on the original.  You can almost not see the 1892 (the year that all this pattern was made) at the bottom.
The eagle on the obverse of the coin is easier to tell.  The original actually resembles an American bald eagle and the reproduction on the right looks, well, 'stupid'.  And again, the text on the repro is larger and easier to read than the original.

Hopefully this closer look will point out the differences in the birds better. 
Note that the repro and original are reversed in this photo compared to the photo above  -  just to see if you're paying attention.

A very rare 6" diameter dish. A footed sauce dish
A goblet A spooner.  This is the real one;
the repro is a totally different design.

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