... until little hands got ahold of them.   We don't know how many Victorian pattern glass covered bowls were actually made but we do know that there are not many left.  The lids got broken and are certainly not now replaceable unless we can find someone who has the lid left after the base broke.  So to find a covered bowl of pattern glass is a great joy.
     Note that some of what we are calling 'footed bowls', others might call 'low standard compotes'.  Our choice of terms is simply a way to display them in our Web-Stores. The purchasers may call them anything they choose.
     As in our other webStores, any damage to the glass is noted in the listing.  We do not consider manufacturing defects in this century old glass, such as bubbles, shear lines and mold roughness, damage.
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BARBERRY was made by McKee and Sandwich beginning in the 1850s.  It is an 8" bowl.  There is only some no-harm slight roughness on the base rim & 1 small flake.
CHERRY WITH THUMBPRINT aka Panelled Cherry by
Kokomo Jenkins ca 1920s.
The opening at the top  of
the base  is 8" in diameter.      

CHICKEN aka Frosted Chicken was made by Riverside Glass Works, their No. 76 ca. 1880s. 
The base is 6" across
the top  & 3 3/4" high.  One has
to wonder who conceived of a
chicken coming out of an egg
for a finial.    $175

This FROSTED CHICKEN covered footed bowl or compote by Riverside Glass Works, like the one above, is the larger 8" across the top & it is
8 1/2" high. 
It is $225.
CRYSTAL WEDDING is an Adams & Co. creation from the 1890s.  This bowl is 7" square with some underfill on one corner.   'Tabs' are frosted. No damage.
CUPID & VENUS aka Guardian Angel, a product of Richards & Hartley, their #500. ca. 1875.  The top of the base is 7-8" in diameter.
DAISY LEAF BAND aka Kokomo Jenkins #480 ca. 1904.  A rather obscure pattern but very pretty.  It is 8 1/2" in diameter & $65. 
EGYPTIAN Originally named SPHYNX by the maker, Adam & Co. ca. 1883. It is 7" across the top.  Problem is that the fancy finial has been broken off and reglued.  But it will still hold your veggies.  The bubble in the finial is from the making.
FINECUT & BLOCK is a pattern
by the King Glass Co. ca. 1885.  This form is quite scarce with the amber 'blocks'.  The diameter is 9 1/4" & it is 10 1/4" tall.  Two of the top points on the base are chipped off, see HERE & there are a few flat tiny flakes under the finial scallops - see HERE.   And one of the top points on the base has been broken off and repaired, see HERE. We are selling it "as is" for $35.
FROSTED is the original McKee's name for this rare pattern they made in 1871.
It is more often called Stippled Band or Panelled Stippled Bowl in the sparse references where it is listed.  The finial is a gorgeous hunk of an acorn & a spare acorn cap resting
on a leaf (center photo).  The bowl is 8 1/4" in diameter and the base is 4 1/2" high.
The only 'damage' is a no harm tiny flake under the lid edge seen HERE**SOLD**
HORSESHOE aka Prayer Rug, aka Good Luck was made in many forms by Adams & Co. 1883 - 1887. The bowl is 8" in diameter.  There are 2 tiny flakes on the Horseshoe finial & one flake seen HERE on the inner rim of the lid flange that fits down into the bowl.  Amazing.  $155
IVY IN SNOW aka Forest Ware by the Cooperative Flint Glass Co. ca. 1894. 
It is 7" in diameter at the top edge. 
See Bowl HERE
and Lid HERE.
LOZENGES is a pattern whose maker is as yet undiscovered but it appears to be from the 1880s.  The bowl is 8" in diameter.
PRISCILLA aka Alexis
aka Sun & Star was made by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton ca. 1880s.  The base is 6" diameter at the top & has a small chip seen HERE.  There is also
some roughness under the lid  HERE. It has a ground opening for the spoon HERE.

What a beauty! 
The bowl is 7 1/8" in diameter & 4" tall. 
Made by Bryce Bros. ca. 1870s.   This is a rare
find in this pattern.
ROCHELLE aka Princess Feather by Bakewell, Pears ca. 1870s.  It is 7 1/4" in diameter and the rim has a grape vine decor seen HERE.  There is only one flat flake under the base.

Another ROCHELLE aka Princess Feather bowl by Bakewell, Pears ca. 1870s.
This one rests in a 7" underplate such as a gravy boat might use. It is 6 1/4" in diameter & has a few flat flakes under the base. It also has the grape vine rim decor seen HERE.

SINGING BIRD aka Thrush & Apple Blossoms is a Northwood Creation ca. 1900.
The Northwood 'signature', an underlined "N" in a circle is seen in the middle photo.
The line seen in that photo is a shear mark. Read about those HERE.
The bowl is 8" diameter.
This piece is spectacular and rare. **SOLD**

VALENCIA WAFFLE aka Adams #85 by Adams & Co. ca. 1885.
The outside dimension is 8" square - in apple green.  $145
WILLOW OAK aka Oak Leaf aka Acorn & Oak is a product of Bryce Bros. ca. 1870s. The base is 7" in diameter & has 2 rim flakes.  The lid has several chips seen HERE.
WYOMING aka Enigma aka Enigma & Bulls Eye by U S Glass Co. as part of the States' Series
ca. 1903.
The bowl is 6 3/4" in diameter.

These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance
& are subject to prior sales.
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