Butter pats appeared in the 19th century and were used to serve a single pat of butter
to each diner. Glass factory catalogs sometimes referred to them as 'Individual butters'. They were a common component of a china set until the early 20th century and
continued to be used in restaurants for some time afterward.   While there were a
lot of china butter pats, there are very few made in EAPG patterns.
We offer a few of them for sale here.
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BARBERRY by Sandwich & McKee. This is a rare non-flint, beat up 3" plate made in the 1860s. Jenks lists it as a 'cup plate'.  We don't know what purpose it was made to serve.    $115 DAISY & BUTTON 
clear novelty butter pat in the shape of a fan.
They are 4" long with the stem. 
Maker & exact dates unknown. 
In blue **SOLD** & in clear $47


3 1/4" in diameter by Bryce Walker ca. 1870s.  We have 5 @ $25 each.
Side views of Roman Key
at top and Diamond &
Sunburst below.
ROMAN KEY 3 1/4" in diameter by Boston Sandwich ca. 1880s. We have 2 @ $35 each.
This is a very old EAPG pattern & again, this 3 1/4" diameter piece might have been a honey dish, but it would not have held much honey!  We think it is a butter pat.  $45
This looks like ROSETTE
but its not.  But it
also looks like an early
glass butter pat so here it is.  A little roughness around
the edges.
DAISY & BUTTON in amber by a maker
unknown to us,
but it could be Hobbs.  From the late 1800s.  We have 2 of these little 3" diameter darlings.
$32 each.

DAISY & BUTTON with V ORNAMENT AKA Van Dyke a pattern made by A J Beatty & Co. ca. 1886. It is 3" in diameter. **SOLD**
DAISY & BUTTON aka Hobbs #100. A product of Hobbs Brockunier 7 Co. ca. 1884.  
This is what original issue
D&B amberina looks like.
It is 2  7/8" square. 
ILLINOIS aka Clarissa
aka Star of the East by U S Glass Co. ca. 1890s.
It is 3 1/2" square.
MARDI GRAS aka Duncan #42 aka Empire pattern.
FINECUT pattern was made by Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s.  It is 2  3/4" in diameter. $38 FINECUT & BLOCK is King Glass Co. pattern #25.  This tiny 'pat' has all amber blocks.  It is 2  1/8" x 2  7/8". We have 2 @ $42 each.
MAPLE LEAF aka Concordia is probably a Canadian made pattern ca. 1880s. they are
3" diameter sans the corner leaves.  We have several
@ $18 each.
PLEAT & PANEL aka Derby pattern was made
by Bryce Bros. ca. 1905. 
These are a very rare form
of the pattern,
3  1/2" square &  $95.
MEDALLION SUNBURST aka Banquet aka Tiffany is an unsigned Higbee pattern ca. 1905.  We have 3 of these at
$28 each.

SHELL & TASSEL pattern would naturally be shaped like little tiny shells. 
They were made by George Duncan & Sons Glass Co. ca. 1881 and are 3" x 3 1/4" with a scalloped top edge. 
We have 4 @ $75 each.

TREE OF LIFE is a pattern made by several
early American glass factories. By the 'melon' shape
on these butter pats, we know they are products
of the Hobbs Brockunier Glass Co. ca. 1879.
They are teeny little bowls only 2 3/4" in diameter
with little bitty scallops on the top edge.
We have 2 @ $65 each.

We think these teeny little 16 petal flower Lacy pieces are either toy plates or butter pats.
They are, of course flint & lacy glass & rough. But at 2 3/4" in diameter, they are smaller than the usual cup plates. Their numbers are Lacy 042, Lacy SP283, and Lacy SP284.
Best guess at age is 1830s or maybe 40s. We did not pursue their Lee/Rose number.
They are $25 each.

These little bitty plates have the properties of those above minus the chips around the edges.  056 has one tiny edge flake.  They are 3" in diameter, Lee/Rose #166B - Midwest & scarce.
$42 each
CP056   CP057
These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance & are subject to prior sales.
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