The creamers on this page are of three types:

   --CREAMERS WITH APPLIED HANDLES were produced from the beginning of pattern glass dishes until some time in the 1870s. After that almost all creamers were made with molded handles. The earlier ones were flint glass.

   --INDIVIDUAL OR BREAKFAST CREAMERS are smaller forms than the normal 'table' creamers. A few patterns were made in both sizes.

   --STATES' PATTERNS OF CREAMERS are those included in the U S Glass Company's series attributing a particular pattern to each of the states which had been admitted to the Union by the early 1900s.

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Any damage to the glass below is mentioned in the listing text.

SAWTOOTH pattern
was probably made by the
Boston Sandwich or New
England Glass Co. in both
Flint $85 & non-flint $48.
This is an extraordinary pair of creamers we call SMOCKING VAR. 1 $195 & SMOCKINHG VAR. 2 **SOLD** for lack of reliable references.
Both creamers are very rare. The pattern was perhaps made by Sandwich and possibly elsewhere c. 1850s.
We have a matching cov'd sugar HERE.
was made by Bryce Walker
way back in 1869.    
TRIPLE LINES is another
early mystery pattern as
to maker & dates, but
probably 1870s.

GRAPE & FESTOON was made by Doyle & Co. ca. 1870s.  It has an
applied handle and is
non-flint.  $65

SAWTOOTH, EARLY is flint glass; (our #367) probably made by the New England Glass Co. ca. 1860s. It is 5 1/8" tall.  $45 DRAPERY aka Lace
a dainty pattern by Boston Sandwich ca. 1860s. There is a crack in the handle near the base that has held on for nigh on to 150 years. $55

Another Early Sawtooth creamer (Our #396) with applied handle, see HERE. It is 5" to lowest point on the side. $45

No, we do not know the difference between those 2 definitions -
only the factory workers knew for sure and they all died.

We believe this to be made by NORTHWOOD but we've not confirmed it. It is 3" tall and has some remaining gold decor. $25

MICHIGAN aka Desplaines aka Loop & Pillar is the State pattern by U S Glass Co. #15077 ca. 1902. It is 3" tall at mid side. $48

ESTHER, Riverside's 1896
pattern aka Tooth & Claw. It is
3" tall and scarce in amber
stain w/ floral decor. **SOLD**

OPAL is a 3" tall form by J. Beatty Glass Co. ca. 1888. It has
a small flake on 1 rib under
the spout so only $32
aka Bent Buckle has very good
blush staining on the top margin.
It is by the U S Glass Co.
ca. 1903. $42

CROESUS Riverside's 1897 scarce size of creamer - only
2 3/4" high at mid side.  It
has one small chip on the
side of the lip seen HERE
and a flake on one foot
seen HERE. $95

BUTTON ARCHES aka Scalloped Daisy made by Geo Duncan Sons & Co. ca. 1897. It is 3 5/8" tall at mid side with excellent ruby - just one tiny spot of ruby wear at the top edge.  It is not souvenired.  $28 COBB aka Corn aka Maize
This tiny 3 1/4" tall emerald
green w/ gold creamer was
made by the Libby & Sons
in the late 1890s.

LONG BUTTRESS is Fostoria's pattern #1299.  It is an
individual or breakfast sized
or could even serve as a toy creamer.  It is 4" tall and only
2" wide at the top edge.  $32

was made by Richards & Hartley
Glass Co., their #99, ca. 1885.
It is beautiful old gold color
& is $55.
This might be Heisey's
HARVEY AMBER individual use creamer. It is 2 1/4" tall & 2"
diam. at the top edge.
See another vies HERE.
Made for the Harvey Houses
ca. 1900. $55

DALTON aka CRADLED DIAMONDS is a product of
the Tarentum Glass Co. ca.
1904. It is 3" tall &

DEWEY aka Flower Flange - one of Indiana Tumbler Greentown's signature patterns ca. 1898.
All 3 of these are 4" tall breakfast or individual size creamers .
VASELINE: Is "as is". Pretty as it is, see another view HERE, there is a
flat flake on a top flower seen HERE, flakes on 2 'feet' seen HERE, a small nic
on a foot seen HERE, and some roughness along the edge of the lip. $35

CHOCOLATE: This is a special color of glass made at Greentown.
This creamer has no damage and is $75
We have a matching sugar bowl in our Sugar Bowl Store seen HERE.

EMERALD GREEN: It has slight roughness on lip seam; hard to see flat flake on top of one foot; flat flake on outside of one top flower and one petal of another top flower chipped. $45
FERN GARLAND is by McKee ca. 1904.  This is a 'Breakfast Set'; small versions of the creamer and sugar. See the pretty design close up HERE.  The creamer is 3" tall and 2 1/2" wide and the open sugar (never had a lid) is 2 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" wide.  The set is $58. ESTHER by Riverside made this beautiful pattern ca. 1896.
This "Breakfast" size creamer
is only 3 1/2" tall at the side.
Great gold... $88
Zippered Swirl & Diamond by
U S Glass Co. ca. 1895.
It has good gold decor around
the top edge. $35
ELECTRIC is a U S Glass Co.
pattern from around 1900.
It is a difficult pattern to find
in any form. $32

FANCY LOOP is Heisey's very
beautiful & popular #1205
pattern which it made ca. 1898.
This little creamer is only
2" high at the sides and 2 1/2" in
diameter at the top of the bowl.
It has good gold trim but several
chips on its base ring so only $34.

This is the little sister, individual or breakfast form, to our table
size creamer & spooner.
It is a rare pattern by
A. H. Heisey & Co.,
their Pattern #357 ca. 1907.
TEPEE aka Nemesis aka
Arizona was made by Geo. Duncan's Sons & Co. ca. 1897. 
It is only 2 1/4" tall at mid-side
& not listed in a pattern
profile.  $48

WAVERLY aka Bryce Bros. pattern #140 made ca. 1889.  It is 3" square& is listed in Heacock's Book 5 on the U S Glass Co.

LACY MEDALLION by U S Glass Co.  Sometimes called the Colorado State pattern.  It is 3 5/8" tall & is souvenired in gold "Souvenir of Wellman, IA" seen HERE.  $42 SUNBEAM is one of the few McKee patterns that was made in this
royal blue color.  It is about 2 1/2"
tall and has pretty gold around the
top edge. $45

NEW YORK aka U S Rib
is the U S Glass Co. pattern
#15061 for the Empire State ca. 1899. It is 3" square at the top
& the gold is worn. $38

aka NEW MEXICO. This is 4" tall
so the table size creamer in the pattern that has become associated with New Mexico which was really not a State when this was made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1900. $45
INDIANA aka PRISON WINDOW beautifully represents the State
of Indiana by the U S Glass Co.
ca. 1896. It retains some gold
decor. $65

Glass Co. tribute to the State
of Maryland ca. 1897. It was
only made in clear glass. $45

OKLAHOMA aka U S REGAL is not one of the U S Glass Co. States'
patterns but was made by them in 1906, the year before statehood & is recognized by some as representing the GREAT STATE OF OKLAHOMA.
on the left is the 4" tall table creamer $65
& on the right is the 2 1/2" individual or breakfast size form $45.

THE STATES aka CANE & STAR MEDALLION was made by the
U S Glass Co. c. 1905. $65

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