You can visit many 'Rooms' all filled with Victorian Pattern Glass by clicking on the 'Doors' below to open the Rooms in which you wish to shop. There are several Stores behind some of the doors so they add up to around 85 Stores from which to shop! Purchasing information is located in every Store.
     In addition to being pretty and useful to own yourself, antique glass makes unique gifts which can be used by your giftee and then passed down through the generations.  
     For Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or a spontaneous 'love gift', introduce your giftee to a spooner for a new bride, an historical glass artifact for Uncle Ed, a toothpick holder, calling card tray or nappy (candy dish) for a house warming , a pair of goblets for a special anniversary or an ABC Plate or Child's mug for the new baby.
     When you purchase gifts, we offer a note to your giftee giving a short historical note about their piece of newly acquired Americana.

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