Cake Stands or Cake Salvers
And a few Banana Stands

The cake stands shown below & on the next
page are Early American Pattern Glass
cake stands available from

Seen at right is a 'stack' of our Feather pattern
cake stands topped off with a jelly compote. 
A limited number of patterns were made in
sizes that permit creating such a stack. 
Another form of pattern glass that one might consider
are round cake plates, which
we show with our Bread Plates, seen HERE.
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     The February 2010 Martha Stewart Living Magazine included an article featuring several of our cake stands which we sent to photograph at their request. They have been returned to us & a few are available for sale. If a tiny photo of the magazine cover is located by a cake stand, it means that cake stand was featured in the magazine. You can click those little magazines to see what it looks like on the page in Martha Stewart Living.
Damage, if any, to these cake stands will be mentioned in the listing.
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Here is a cake stand you don't see very often.... It is the COLORADO states' pattern!
It is the U S Glass Co. pattern #15057 ca 1890s.
The diameter at the top os 9 1/2" and it is 4" tall. $195
This pretty pattern is a rare one named Gooseberry. It was made in a limited number of forms
by the La Belle Glass Co ca. 1871 & possibly other companies. It is a "mighty" stand -
7 1/2" tall and 10 1/2" in diameter at the top. See a close-up of the pattern HERE
and a side view HERE. Be one of the few owners of this amazing stand. **SOLD**
POST aka Adams #75 aka Square Panes gracefully combines the round & square
design elements to create an extraordinary piece of art. Adams & Co. created it ca. 1882.
There are a few nics here & there as there is going to be on any piece of glass with so
many angles. See them HERE & HERE and some roughness HERE & HERE.
And HERE is a close up of the base. It is 9 1/2" in diameter & 7 1/2" tall.    $139
GARDEN OF EDEN aka RUSTIC (OMN) aka Lotus with Serpent is one of pattern glass
naturalistic interpretative works of the glass maker's art. Look at the tree stump
sticking out the side of the standard. See the pattern's goblets HERE; the rarest ones
have a serpent's head sticking out the stem. This smaller 8 1/2" diameter size
is unreported in the literature. Made by Campbell Jones Glass Co. ca. 1880.  $155
ISIS aka Jubilee is a beautiful and sturdy McKee pattern from ca. 1894.
It is 9" in diameter and 6 1/2" tall.  $68
DAKOTA is one of the Ripley Glass Co. signature pattern ca. 1885s.  It is also considered
by some to be the States' Pattern for our 2 most north central states although it is
not made by the U S Glass Co. for that series. 
This beauty is 9 1/2" in diameter at the top and 6 3/4" tall. $165
This is a FINECUT pattern from a maker that has yet to be attributed.
It is surely 1800s vintage. Square cake stands are very difficult to find and in color,
they are almost impossible. This beauty is 10" square and 6 1/2" tall.
Old Gold/ Amber is the perfect color for Thanksgiving, Christmas or other Holiday. $225
STARFLOWER is aka QUANTICO aka Starflower Novia Scotia and was made in Canada by a manufacturer unknown to us in the late 1800s. It is 9" in diameter and 4 1/2" tall.
See a view from the side HERE.
A dainty, lightweight cake server for $58.

At about 2:00 in
the circle on
Page 59.

FANCY LOOP is Heisey's pattern #1205 made ca. 1898.
It is 9 1/2" in diameter and 5 1/2" tall.
A classic beauty by one of America's premier glass companies.

SUNBURST is Heisey's pattern #343 made 1903 - 1920.
The cake stand is a very difficult piece to find in the pattern.
This one is 10" in diameter and has the diamond H in the deep
"brandy well". It has one chip underneath the rim, seen HERE.   $345
SAWTOOTH  BAND is Heisey's pattern #1225 although the cake stand is not marked.
It is 9 3/4" diameter and 5 1/4" high and made ca. 1897 - 1905.  $85
PLEAT BAND aka Plain Ware is a Greentown/ Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. pattern made ca. 1897.
It is 10" diameter and 6 1/2" tall. $58

This cake stand is
shown in vaseline
color on page 64.
DAISY & BUTTON with THUMBPRINT PANEL is the name of this
well-known pattern of EAPG. It is an Adams Glass Co. product ca. 1880s.
Measuring 9 1/2" across & 6 3/4" high, it has an icing lip.
This is a heavy cake stand & the plate and
the standard are held together by a wafer connection.
The color is a rich amber - 'old gold' & it compliments all occasions. **SOLD**

ASHMAN is a very popular pattern we have a hard time keeping
in stock. Here is the cake stand - an unusual shape with the 
9 3/4" diameter round icing rim set atop a square platform.
The pattern was made by Adams & Co. ca. 1880s. It is $135.
Also see the rare Bride's Basket below.
This rare ASHMAN form is called a Bride's Basket.
Apparently they were chosen for elegant wedding gifts?
It is an Ashman compote with attached metal holders attached to a large handle.
The bowl of the basket is 7 1/2" wide and 10 1/2" long. The handle can be moved to
either side but when it is straight up it is 12 1/2" tall.   It has only one chip, see HERE,
but that is not visible as it is under the metal attachment for the handle.  $145.

PORTLAND aka U S Portland is a great cake stand.
The maker is the U S Glass Co., their #15121 ca. 1910.
It is large but plenty heavy so not too fragile.
The diameter at the top is 11" and it is 4 1/4" tall. $85

Third down
on left side stack
on Page 60.
JACK POT! PAVONIA aka PINEAPPLE STEM may be the most popular
cake stand in pattern glass land. It is 9" diameter
& 6 1/2" tall - by Ripley Glass Co. ca. 1885.   **SOLD**



BROKEN COLUMN aka RATTAN pattern makes a very heavy
and beautiful banana stand! The folded part where bananas
reside is 10" x 7". Broken Column is a product of the U S Glass Co. ca 1893.
It is a rare form of this pattern. $369

Second down on
left side stack
on Page 58.
This may be the only offer of a stack of colored cake stands in graduated
sizes, all in the same pattern ever made available for purchase.
WILLOW OAK aka Oak Leaf aka Acorn & Oak aka Wreath
pattern, by Bryce Bros. in the 1870s was made in
clear, amber, scarcely in blue and rarely in vaseline. 
One blue cake stand is a real 'find' and 3 in all different sizes is amazing!
They all have turned up edges to form an icing lip & all are 4 1/4" tall to the top of that icing lip. The top one is 8 3/4" diameter; the middle one is 9 3/4" diameter and the bottom one is 10" diameter. The top one has only one flat chip on the inside of the top rim (which is as hard to see as it was to photograph - see my best effort HERE).  **SOLD**
Psst - we still have a water pitcher & a goblet to match them......

DAHLIA pattern is a product of the Co-Op Flint Glass Co. ca. 1885-6. 
This pretty little stand is 9 1/2" in diameter.  It has a
very small flake on the inside of the icing rim seen HERE.  $95
BUTTON BAND is very near the top of all patterns in both the
cake stand and this beautifully engraved cake basket with metal bail. 
It is 9 1/2" overall diameter including the outside rim. 
There are 2 chips on the flange that sticks up near the
handle seen HERE & HERE.
A better photo of the leaf & berry engraving is shown HERE.
Without the chips it would be $165 but as it is, it is only $115

IVY  IN SNOW aka FOREST WARE is the descriptive name of this pretty cake stand.
Made by the Cooperative Flint Glass Works ca 1895.
This is the smallest of the pattern line at 8" in diameter & only 4" tall. 
This size is often called a 'doughnut stand'. It is $85

We have a larger, 10" diameter cake stand in this pattern just below.....

IVY IN SNOW aka FOREST WARE pattern, as above, with a wafer connection. 
It is 10" in diameter and 6" tall with an icing lip. $135
We have a matching one that is 8" diam. & 4" tall.. $85. a chance to get a stack!
And here is a 9" diameter BUTTON BAND high standard cake stand -
the same pattern as the above basket. 
This is 9" diameter & 5 1/2" high. $275
BLEEDING HEART is a famous and well-loved 1875 pattern made by the
King & Sons Glass Co.. It was made in several sizes - this one is 9 1/2" in diameter
& 5 1/2" tall..  It has a very strong & beautiful pattern impression.
See a view underneath showing the wafer connection HERE. **SOLD**
There must have been some story behind the naming of this pattern. 
It is called THE HERO aka Ruby Rosette.  This unusual form of the
pattern is 10" in diameter and 6 1/2" tall.
It was made by the Elson Glass Co. ca. 1891. $145

Bryce Higbee & Co. made this pattern and unexpectedly named
it SURPRISE! I guess part of the surprise is that they made
only a couple of pieces in the pattern between 1896 & 1905.
It is folded up, 8" long and 5" wide, a perfect size to hold a bunch
of bananas or other small fruit. A dainty display piece at $55.

MAINE aka Stippled Panelled Flower aka Stippled Primrose
was made by the U S Glass Co. to honor the State of Maine.
It is very rare and positively gorgeous in emerald green;
8 1/4" in diameter & 5" tall. There is a rim flake seen underneath HERE but it is not visible from the side of the stand - see HERE. $239

And Here is the beautiful Maine cake stand in clear crystal glass.
It is, again, one of the US Glass Co. States' series & made ca. 1899.
See a side view of it HERE.
This one is about 8 1/2" in diameter & 5" tall, without a blemish, and $95

This is a 10" cake stand in the pretty, but VERY difficult to photograph
WHEAT & BARLEY aka DUQUESNE pattern. The design features a bundled spray of leaves & dainty tulip, heart & bell shaped flowers. Very Victorian! Bryce Bros. made it in the 1880s in clear, amber, & blue.
With the icing lip, this clear one stands 4 3/4" tall and is $85.

PLUME pattern was made by Adams & Co. ca. 1874.
This stand is 6" tall and 9" across the outside rim.
It is one of the heavier of EAPG cake stands & $135.

This would actually be more rightly called a doughnut stand with turned up sides & so it is a
little different from the cake stand in the pattern.
It appears to be a compote mold that was flattened out while it was still warm enough to be
malleable so the plate surface is a little irregular. 
The pattern was made by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton ca 1892.
It is 9 1/2" in diameter and 5 1/4" tall. $95

At about 10:00
on the circle
on Page 59.
EYEWINKER aka WINKING EYE What a pattern! Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton
made it ca. 1885. It is nearly 10" in diameter and 5" tall. **SOLD**
This is an EYEWINKER banana dish. It is 5 3/4” x 9 1/2” and 3” high at side.
It has a flat chip on an end side ball at top.
There is a photo of it HERE but it can’t be seen very well because it is so shallow.
Of course it can be used for other food, $75
Below is a similar form with higher sides.  It is 8 1/4" long and 6" wide. $95

Here's a cake stand in milk glass (opaque white glass) that will show off
a colorful cake. It is a TEARDROP pattern and is 10 3/4" diameter & 5" tall.
There are many milk glass stands shown in the MSL magazine. $56

SOLAR aka Feather
Swirl is a very pretty pattern to show off even with no cake on it.  It is a U S Glass Co. pattern #15116 from ca. 1906.
It is 9" in diameter and
5 1/2" tall.
PANELLED FORGET-ME-NOT aka Regal was made by Bryce ca. 1880s.
It is 8 3/4" in diameter at the top with an icing lip and 4 1/2" tall.
There is a black area from in the making in the center where the stand attaches to the plate.

CURRANT is an early 1870's pattern made by Campbell Jones & Co.. It has
no damage although there are a few cloudy spots on the top. It is 9 1/2" diameter &
has the wafer connection between the top plate and the standard. $75

HORSEMINT is a genus of the Mint family AND a pattern made by
Beatty & Sons ca. 1890s! This one is 9 3/4" in diameter and 3 3/4" high.
It is a little tilty; one side is 1/4” taller than the other.
That is only apparent from the side. $64

FEATHER aka DORIC aka INDIANA SWIRL is a pattern made by McKee
& other factories over several years beginning in the 1890s. This cake stand has a
pretty patterned standard, was made in at least 4 sizes so they can be stacked.
This one is 9 3/4" diameter & $125. 

A blue cake stand in this pattern is pictured in the magazine. Bottom stand on left side. Pg 58.
THOUSAND EYE is an Adams' Glass Co product ca. 1870s. The edges have the closed lattice;
the pattern is the 3 knob (on the standard); it is 10” overall Outside Diameter
& the cake part is 8 1/4” in diameter. It is 6 1/2” tall. This amber one is $165.
Higbee's YOKE AND CIRCLE aka Era pattern is a pattern from about 1912.
The fancy cake stand in this pattern is 9 1/2" diameter with an icing lip. It is $75.
The very popular PROSPERITY aka FERRIS WHEEL pattern is one of
Indiana Glass Company's 1910 products. This cake stand is 9" in diameter
with a small icing lip. It is $70.
CHAMPION is the most common name for this pattern, but it is also called
Fans with Crossbars. Made by McKee in the 1890s, it is 9" in diameter, 4 1/4" high
and has a partially turned up outer edge. The pattern is replayed in the wide base. $85

This is another form of the CHAMPION aka FANS WITH CROSSBARS pattern shown above.
This form is heavier weight, 9 1/2" diameter, 5 1/2" tall &
has no icing rim so it can accommodate a larger birthday cake.
There is a flat flake on the inside of one of the perimeter scallops seen HERE. $135

BARLEY aka INDIAN TREE is one of the great old patterns from Campbell Jones
in the 1870s - while the West was being settled just after the Civil War. It is 10” diam.;
4 1/2” tall & has a turned up scalloped ice lip.
It also ranks with one of the most difficult of all cake stands to photograph. $75

Third down in stack on the right. Page 60.
CRYSTAL WEDDING by Adams Glass Co. in the 1890s is one of the most popular
patterns in EAPG. The cake stand is 9 1/4" square and 7 1/2" tall. This is a heavy and impressive piece of glass. There is a tiny spot of roughness on one corner that did
not show up on any photos I tried to take of it. **SOLD**

TEXAS, the States pattern is aka Loop with Stippled Panels is U S Glass Co's.
pattern #15067 from ca. 1900. This pattern is difficult to find in any form.
It is 9 1/2" in diameter with turned up scallops; 6" tall.  $155

If you don't like your ARCHED FLEUR D LIS flat, how about a folded up banana stand?
Again, a Bryce Higbee & Co. 1898 pattern that is 9 3/4" x 5 1/2" bowl
and it is 7 1/2" tall. $110.
Or this ARCHED FLEUR D LIS is both flat and folded!
A substantial piece of this Bryce Higbee & Co. pattern from 1898.
It measures 11" long and 5 3/4" wide. So many uses - such a pretty wedding gift..... $45

This is one of the largest pattern glass cake stands made. PILGRIM is a McKee product ca. 1893. It is just under 12" in  diameter, has turned up edges and a wafer connection between the plate and the standard. We have 2 of these for $95 each.
The PILGRIM pattern cake stand was also made in smaller sizes.
This one is only 8" in diameter and could be used on the larger cake stand above
to form a "Stack" for a grand effect. It is $55.

Third down on the left. Page 58.
This Cottage pattern is the only cobalt blue EAPG cake stand we've ever had and it
is in our collection.  Only included here to show it off.  Not for sale.  Pretty, no?

PRESSED DIAMOND is a pattern by the Central Glass Co. made in ca. 1885.
It is very sparkly, showing off your baked specialties beautifully.
It is 9 1/2" diameter and 4 1/2" tall.  $185

On the bottom of the stack
on the right side of Page 60.
may be the premier pattern of Early American Pattern Glass.
The Central Glass Company, in a burst of merchandising creativity, decided to
'mint' a pattern with actual 1892 United States currency in the molds.
It took about 5 months for the Feds to find out about it and order the company
to destroy their molds. Fortunately they did not destroy all of the
dishes that had been made with them.**
The top of the U S Coin cake stand includes impressions of nine 1892 dated dollars
on the top, 5 obverse & 4 reverse. There are 6 quarters on the standard, 3 obverse & 3 reverse.
It is 10" in diameter & has an icing rim.
**Short version of a long story.

On the bottom of the stack pictured on the right side
of Page 60.
And here is an 11 1/2" diameter version of the Hobbs Hand Stand.  
This standard looks just like the 9" one except it is clear glass instead of frosted.
The white dot in the glass is a spot of undissolved sand.
It is totally inside the glass so definitely dates from the time of manufacture .
They were not big on quality control in the 1880s. $315

What a beauty!  This is a very interesting pattern by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton ca. 1880s. 
It is called by many names by collectors but we call it Cornucopia.  It is also called
Strawberry & Currant or Three Fruits which is a misnomer because there are many
more than 3 fruits shown on all the pieces. 
In fact all the forms have different combinations of fruits on them. 
This cake stand in the pattern has what appear to be blackberries & strawberries. 
It is 9 1/4" diameter and 6 3/4" tall.  $165
Here is the 'Big Brother' of the CORNUCOPIA cake stand above.  This one has figs and grapes on the top and it is a larger  10 1/2" diameter & it is 7" tall.  $195
Stack these 2 & you've got a show stopper!

WILLOW OAK aka Oak Leaf aka Acorn & Oak aka Wreath pattern, by Bryce Bros.
in the 1880s was made in clear, amber, scarcely in blue and rarely in vaseline colors.
 This is the amber in the larger 10" diameter size.  It is $95

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