Sometimes there's just no pleasing everybody.  These Victorian jars are a good example.... some insist they are Pickle Castors or Casters & some insist they are Marmalade (or Jam) Jars.  We say its whatever makes you happy.  Regardless of what early catalogs called them, there is no proof that they weren't used for other purposes.  We'll just call them "Jars".
           Whatever they served might have been gussied up by putting it into a silver, silver plate or other metal holder.

       Some of these holders or frames, as they can be called, came with a hook on the side from which hung a fork or a pair of tongs.  These were more likely to be 'pickle castors'.  If the lid has a slot for a spoon (see Illinois below), you're probably going to find jam, preserves or marmalade in it.
      At right is the only pattern, Feather aka Doric, we have found in three types - metal lid, silver frame & matching patterned glass lid.  

       As with other forms that we offer with metal
parts, what we sell is the glass.  We make no claims as to the age or condition of any metal parts.  These jars are all about + or - five inches tall & an outside diameter at the top of  about 3".  If you want one not shown with a lid & you want a metal lid, ask & we'll see if we have one that will fit for $25 - $35.
X-RAY by Riverside. This 5 1/2" tall form is not shown or reported in the Riverside Glass Book. We believe it could be a jam jar or a pickle jar or even a covered mustard jar. See also HERE. You can decide for $185.   THREE FACE marmalade jar is very rare, & also hard to photograph. The Pheasant finial tops the forest scene with a stag & a deer.
ARGYLE is a very pretty and obscure pattern by Jones, Cavitt & Co. ca. 1888. It is 4" tall & has a metal slotted lid.
BALL & BAR pattern by Westmoreland Specialty ca. 1896.  It is 5 1/4" tall to the top of the slotted lid.  This could also be a mustard or horseradish jar.  $52 BANDED PORTLAND aka Virginia Marmalade Jar by U S Glass Co. ca. 1901. See View of 2 pieces HERE.
ACTRESS ONM Opera aka Theatrical
by Adams & Co. ca. 1880-85. The jar
is fine.  The lid has a chip on the edge seen HERE.  The actress figures are
frosted.  $85
BARLEY aka Indian Tree by Campbell Jones ca. 1870s.  Wispy sprig design. With original glass lid  w/ chip  $67  We have 2 jars sans lids for $45 each.  All jars have rim roughness.
DAISY & BUTTON - a generic pattern
by unknown maker ca, 1890s. 4 1/2" tall. $34
The "Pickle Jar" a very rare form in this Riverside Glass Works pattern ca. 1880s. See finial HERE.   *SOLD*

We have a spare base for this piece in stock for sale. Email if interested in it.
SEDAN aka Paneled Star & Button. Pattern maker is unknown ca. early 1880s.
4 1/4" tall. $45
BROKEN COLUMN aka Rattan was by the
U S Glass Co. ca. 1893. They called it a
"pickle jar".  This is the rare original lid
which had no finial... so they might have
been easily broken. 
BANNER aka Floral Oval pattern by J B Higbee
ca. 1908.  See another view HERE.   This was for condensed milk & took a
flat patterned lid.  $33
BEADED BAND by Burlington? ca. 1884.
Small chip on rim would be hidden by lid. $65
BUCKLE WITH STAR aka Orient by Bryce Walker ca. 1875. 
CORNELL by Tarentum Glass Co.  Original glass lid has 3 dings on the edge.
We also have a jar
without a lid for $43
CORCORAN aka Wheel in Band is a pattern
from the 1870s by a maker as yet undiscovered
by us anyway.  The glass lid is original and
has 3 flea bites on the finial.  $85
DIAMOND POINT LOOP maker is unknown.  Probably 1890s.  There is
a small streak of slag on one side of the base.  $87
DOUBLE RIBBON made by King Glass Co. ca. 1870s.  The lid is original and is AS IS because of chips seen HERE.  $62 LONE ELK aka Running Elk is Iowa City  c. 1888.  
See close up of the elk HERE.
This undamaged jar with its original
lid is considered very rare. $195.

FLAMINGO or Stork or Crane
Ah HA!  Hal Hooper sez its an Ibis!  So anyway, he/she is missing a lid .  Some believe this is an Iowa City
Co. product but others say that has never been proven.  If you care & do the research, please let us know the maker.  $85

GALLOWAY is a U S Glass Co. pattern #15086 ca. 1904.  Silver plate may or
may not
be original. $95
As the saying goes, "there's no accounting for some people's taste".
Believe it or don't, some Victorian women actually used kitchen dishes with insects on them.   And here is the very rare jar with the original lid AND the insect on the side AND engraving (a vain attempt to dress up the insect).
  It was made by Riverside ca. 1880s & has no damage. *SOLD*
GROGAN unknown maker.  Pattern shown in Millard & mentioned in Metz I (no pic).  Rare vaseline cov'd jar with original lid.  $175 JACOB'S LADDER aka Maltese by
Bryce Walker ca. 1876. Scarce form
of this pattern. Has a metal lid - unknown if it is original.  $125
JAPANESE aka Oriental. The jar is 5 1/4" tall... By Duncan ca. 1870s.    See another view HERE.  It has some small top edge chips seen HERE.  $125 LOG CABIN Central Glass Co. made this fun pattern ca. 1875.   HERE is a photo of the door latch, which proves original issue.  The lid has a corner chip seen HERE. This is a rare form of the pattern. *SOLD* PROSPERITY aka Ferris Wheel is an Indiana Glass Co. pattern ca. 1910. The gold decor is amazing.  See Jar & Lid HERE.   $68
New York. This was sold as a marmalade castor in a metal frame.  If we find a frame that fits it, it will be worth $255!  Just the glass is 4 1/4" tall
& only  *SOLD*
INVERTED THUMBPRINT in cranberry glass
by a maker unknown to us.  It is 5" tall with a silver metal lid.  $78
ROYAL CRYSTAL  aka Atlanta aka Tarentum's Shining Diamonds ca 1894.  This unusual shape may have been sold as a candy jar  but could also hold jam
or jelly.  $65
ILLINOIS aka Clarissa is U S Glass States pattern No. 15052,   ca. 1897. More like a marmalade. 
Original slotted silver colored metal lid & 1881 Rogers silver spoon.  Body is 3" square & 
2 3/4" tall. *SOLD*
LION, FROSTED W/ Rampaging Lion finial is Gillinder's 'in your face' pattern to Britain for American's Centennial.
Made 1876. There is a small amount of underfill on the base which is frosted so it happened In-The-Making. The edge of the lid has a tiny nic seen HERE. *SOLD*
LITTLE RIVER is the pattern name of this jar in one of what
we call the "Three Scene Patterns".  It has a metal lid that fits perfectly
over a large chip on the top flange of the jar that fits up under the lid,
seen HERE. The maker is uncertain - some say Sandwich, some say
English ca. 1870s.  The vignettes include a church, a windmill & a castle (shown above).  $105
LONG BUTTRESS by Fostoria #1299 ca. 1904.  Glass is 4 1/2" tall.  Original silver plate lid.  $74 PENNSYLVANIA HAND aka Hand by O'Hara Glass Co. ca. 1880.  It is 2 3/4" OD at the top.  $45 PANELLED SAWTOOTH Maker unknown ca. late 1800s. Dings on base rim and upper rim.
PANELLED FORGET-ME-NOT aka Regal by Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s.  We have 2 jars.  One has a 1/4" rim flake which is
covered by lid.  Top is 3 1/4" OD. 
One has some mold roughness on
inside rim.  Glass alone is $65 or
glass with lid (not original) is $85

VENECIA aka Consolidated
No. 94 with internal ribbed lines.
This is a blown jar
with a silver frame to hold the
lid & a spoon. It could be used to hold any number of condiments.
See a close view HERE.
Sale Pending.
PLEAT & PANEL aka Derby made by
Bryce Bros. ca. 1882-3.  It probably
took a glass patterned lid but we've
never seen one.   $95
POST aka Square Panes - made by Adams & Co., their #75 Square. 
The base is engraved with no damage.  The lid is 'as is' with
many chips on the flange that
fits down into the jar, seen HERE
& HERE.  Rare, rare, rare. *SOLD*
PRESSED DIAMOND by Central Glass Co.  This is the scarce pickle castor jar ca. 1885. It is 4 1/4" tall. It takes a metal lid to fit over 3" OD.  There is a tiny flake on top of the rim that fits up into the lid. See the jar without lid HERE.  $68 jar only;
$85 with lid.
SCALLOPED DIAMOND POINT aka Panel with Diamond Point. Made by Central Glass Co. ca. 1870s. Took a flat
glass lid.  $65
SHELL & TASSEL aka Duncan #155 made ca. 1880s.  A rare form of this pattern.  Missing its glass lid with shell finial.  $325
IMPERIAL # 1 aka Three in One aka
Fancy Diamonds.  This pattern is ca. 1902
& has original glass lid.  $45
UNKNOWN pattern jar with original glass lid.  The lid has an edge chip seen HERE. $65
Victorian pattern by McKee ca. 1880.
The top of the base appears to have
been ground, see HERE & it has the original glass lid.  $95
LATTICE THUMBPRINT aka ROPE by Central Glass Co. ca. 1880s. This could be a cov'd
sugar or a castor jar - It is
6 3/4" tall incl. the lid.  $80.
RIBBON  #150 aka
Frosted Ribbon.  Made
by Geo. Duncan & Sons
ca. 1889.  The glass lid
is original.  $95
Elite 6 1/2" tall to top of
finial.  Made by Westmoreland Specialty Glass Co. ca. 1896. 
Original glass lid.  $95
SWIRL is what we are calling this jar.  It is good glass but we have been unable to identify it.
Includes a black metal lid. $105
VALKYRIE aka Strawberry &
Fan aka Fostoria #402 line
ca. 1894.  It would take a
metal lid.  $75
aka Menlo by Campbell , Jones & Co.
ca. 1881. It has 2 small flakes under
the edge of the lid and a ding on the sunflower finial as seen above.  $110
WESTMORELAND aka Gillinder #420
ca. 1889. With a
metal lid & in a metal
frame. See Jar only HERE  $110

WESTWARD HO Original issue missing figural glass lid. By Gillinder
ca. 1879. 

ZIPPER aka Cobb  was made by Richards & Hartley ca. 1885. This lid fits over the 3" OD flange.  $65 without lid.  $85 with lid.