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Betty Jane GlasBake ware for children was shown by the McKee Glass Co. at the
January 5th to 24th Pittsburgh Crockery and Glass Show at the Fort Pitt Hotel in
Rooms 743 and 797 in 1925! This “Guaranteed GlasBake Toy Cooking Set” is well known by collectors of children’s or toy glassware in clear glass. It is not so well known to have
been made in this ruby flashed or stained version. The 1984 edition of Whitmyer's book does not mention that it came colored but I’ve been told that a later version of their book does mention it.
It is not mentioned to have come in color in my Lechler book.
They are totally without damage and the retention of the color is terrific.
I do not have the box that they came in but have a scan of it from the 1925 McKee ad
(see above) found in Sandra Stout’s book, The Complete Book of McKee Glass.
It may be a while before you see another set like this for sale! $75
These 3 pieces of the set are the covered casserole, the rectangular bread pan and an oval pan.
The covered casserole base is 4 1/2” diameter across the top & it is 1 1/8” tall. The bread pan is 4 1/2” x 3” x 2” tall and the oval dish is
6 1/4” x 4 1/8” x 1 1/2” tall.

This is a pattern made by Bryce Bros ca. 1880s called
This toy set is larger than most 'toy' glass & would be perfect for children.
The cov'd sugar at right has a chip on the base
(see HERE) but the lid which has a slot for a spoon,
is without damage. $45
The creamer is 4" to the highest point on the lid
& 2 1/4" across the top. No damage. $42

NOTE: We have more smaller mugs in our Toy Glass Drinkware Store found HERE.

BOY WITH BEGGING DOG is the name of this mug.
So the next photo taken from inside the mug shows the dog begging for food.
The next photo from the inside of the other side of the mug shows WHY the dog was begging for food.
The baby crawling on the rug had eaten the dogs food!
Did you think Victorians didn't have a sense of humor? HA! The mug is 3 3/8" tall & $45.
Bellaire Goblet Co.'s pattern #600 made ca. 1890.
The blue one is 2 1/2" high & 3 1/4" diameter at the top.
In a pretty, deep blue, it is $55.
The clear one is smaller - only 2" tall & 2 1/2" diameter at the top.
It has a tiny nic under the top edge seen HERE.  $15
HOBNAIL was made by many 19th c. glass factories. This 3" tall cup or mug has an ITM* chip at the top of the handle where it attaches to the handle. It also has some cloudiness in the base from years of wear.
Adams #350. $33
DEER & PINETREE aka DEER & PINE is an EAPG pattern
made by McKee ca. 1884. This is 3 1/4" tall. It has the male deer -
the easiest way to tell the old from reproductions. $45
We have the smaller size, 2 3/8" high in blue in the
Toy Glass Store HERE.
We also have another blue & an amber mug in our Mug Store HERE.
is 3" high & was made by
the Canton Glass Co.
ca 1893. $32
Here is a GERMAN child's mug. It says "Dem Guten Kinde" & yes, we took German in college- it means
"Good Kid" or "The good children". Other than the height, 3 1/4", we know nothing more about it. It has some worn gold around the top but no damage. $38
late EAPG pattern by D. C. Jenkins,
their (#215) made ca 1915.
We have 4 of these @ $28 each.
Not many apple green children's mugs are found.
According to Adams' book on Mugs, this was made by Westmoreland Specialty Co. ca. 1920s.
It is 3" tall .   $45
  SWAN WITH RING HANDLE. What a beauty in blue milk glass! Atterbury made it during the 1880s. It is 2 5/8" high and 2 3/8" diameter at the top. It is Lechler's M-38. $40
in amber e.
Now who would think of molding a child's mug with a funny looking rabbit about to sit on a snake with some tiny wisps of fireflies looking on? But here you have it! It is 3 1/4" high and Lechler's M-94.
It was made ca. 1880s.  $45.
LATE ROMAN ROSETTE aka McKee's NEW YORK according to Lechler who gave
them her #M-105. They are Adams #513**. They are 3 3/8" tall and were made by the McKee
and Westmoreland glass companies ca. 1900.
The cobalt blue mug is $40 and the old gold amber one is
This HERON & PEACOCK milk glass mug features one of its named fowl on each side.
Reproductions have been made but have a "D" inside a heart for Degenhart.
This is 2 1/2" high & an original issue from the late 1800s. It is Adams #64**. $38
CHERRY WITH THUMBPRINT is also called the
"Sweetheart" mug. It is an EAPG pattern by Kokomo
Jenkins ca. 1904 - their pattern #475. It is Adams #98**.
There is some understandable roughness around the top
edge left by little sweethearts of yore, no doubt. It is $25.
We have one with no roughness for $35.
D. C. Jenkins pattern line #650 & Adams #101. It is 3 1/4” tall &
says, “DARLING” on the front.
They once held 'packers goods'.
We have 2 @ $35 each.
MONKEY WITH FANCY HANDLE. Monkeys were in vogue during the late 1880s
after Charles Darwin came up with the idea that they are our ancestors.
There is also a rare EAPG pattern line with this design.
This mug is 3 1/4”; Adams #59**; Lechler #M-5; pg 29 & 136.
It was made by the Valley Glass Co. in 1891. $125
These prices do not include shipping & insurance costs.
* ITM = "In the making" - a flaw from the molding process... a common occurrence in EAPG.
** Adams book references are from Pattern Glass MUGS, by John B. Mordock &
Walter L. Adams copyright 1995. Used with our friend Walt's permission.

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