Some, but not all, Victorian dishes sets included
a 10 - 12" diameter flat tray.  Some catalogs called them by a name such as Water Tray or even Cake Plate.  Some were shaped so as to accept a
pitcher (see
HERE), waste bowl (which see HERE)
and drinking vessels - either goblets (see
or tumblers (see HERE).
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This is called the "Balky Mule Tray" because it pictures a mule being urged by its driver to MOVE because a train is approaching. The mule is balking.
The 9 1/2" cobalt blue wine tray is probably a unique piece according
to Wm. Heacock who saw it personally.  It is not for sale.
  The "old gold" Balky Mule tray has some use scratches on
the surface, is 12 1/4" in diameter & is $125
A clear version - Center shown only - also 12 1/4" in diameter is $85
This rare TWO PANEL apple green piece could be a bread plate or an ice cream tray. It is 8 1/2" x 10 3/4" by King, Son & Co. ca. 1885.  $85
MELROSE aka DIAMOND BEADED BAND was made by Greensburg ca. 1889 and later by New Martinsville, McKee & Higbee.  This water tray is flawless, 11 3/8" in diameter &  $72  
ESTHER aka Tooth & Claw ( We prefer Esther) is a very beautiful
Riverside Glass Co. pattern made ca. 1896.  These are called Cake Plates by the maker & are large enough to be used as trays as they are 10 1/2" diameter.
As shown in the center photo,  they sit up on three little 'stub' feet
a couple of inches off the table.  Mere photography cannot do
justice to the brilliance of these plates.
The clear one is $95
& the rare green one with gold trim is $175

PRIMROSE aka Stippled Primrose aka Canton #10 ca. 1880s.  It is prettier than this photo, 11" diam. & has one small chip on the top edge.  $65 SHELL & TASSEL aka Duncan's #555 ca. 1881.  It is 13" long and fits as an underplate for the master berry bowl.
HARVARD YARD aka Harvard #1 by Tarentum Glass Co. ca. 1890s.
A full 12" in diameter.
WILLOW OAK aka Oak Leaf aka Acorn & Oak by Bryce Bros. ca. 1870s.
It is 10 3/4" diam. & $62 in clear.
In amber $75.

FINECUT - this is also called Tiny Finecut or Parisian made by U S Glass Co. ca. 1910.  It is 10 1/4" in diameter & has a small rim around the perimeter. $46 PANELED DAISY aka Brazil by Bryce Bros ca. 1889.  It is 11" in diameter and worthy as a water tray, cake plate or ?. $75
FEATHER DUSTER aka Rosette Medallion aka Huckle by U S Glass Co. ca. 1895.  This could be a water tray OR a cake plate.  It is 11 3/4" in diameter & only $85. VIRGINIA aka Foster Block & later aka Captain Kidd is Fostoria's #140 ca. 1888.
It is 10" diam. & $72.

This tray is formed to hold a water set of pitcher, waste bowl & tumblers or goblets.
Outside dimensions are 12" x 12". Made by Richards & Hartley
ca. 1880s.
FRANCESWARE HOBNAIL aka Hobbs #323, frosted by Hobbs Brockunier
ca. 1885.  Another example of a tray shaped to accommodate a
water set but the use is certainly not resticted thereto.
There is a pinpoint nic on the inside top edge. $85

by Hobbs Brockunier & Co. ca. 1891. A clear water set tray as above but could be used for serving or displaying anything.   $65
HOBNAIL blue water tray like the clear one above also by Hobbs Brockunier & Co. ca. 1891. They are both overall 12 3/4" x 12 1/2".  $85
DOT aka King No. 22 was made by King Sons & Co. ca. 1880s. This apple green beauty is almost like a tray because it is 9 5/8" diam w/ turned up outside edges.  It sits on 3 little ribbed 'feet'. It could be a serving piece or a water tray OR it could have taken a lid & be a cheese dish! $65

This is a 7 1/2" x
13 1/2" mystery piece
of glass. An experienced glassie in Europe said it is not European.  We are showing it here asking for any information our web site guests might have to share with us about it.

Damage, if any, to these pieces are mentioned in their listing.
These prices do not include shipping & insurance costs & are subject to prior sale.