This little covered jelly compote has us stumped.
It is good, clear glass & pretty heavy. The base is about 5" tall.
Please, if you are able, ID this then click HERE to tell us what it is.
This looks for all the world like one of the Riverside pattern condiment set holders.  And the center part reminds of Pavonia or any one of several diamond patterns.  It is
8 12/" wide and 6 3/4" across
the handle side.  A couple of cruets could fit in the 2 larger sections and very small shakers would fit in the smaller triangle shaped section.
EMAIL if you can ID this.

This is surely English.
All the dots are a dead giveaway.
The interesting thing is how small it is. The American plates with this scripture on them are all large bread plates. This one is only 5" in diameter. Any ideas what it would have been used for?
Click HERE if you know or think you might know - or know someone who knows.....

We took this to H'burg for an ID session and got no help there so we'll try here. This is an open sugar of the 1870s type (some erroneously call them buttermilk goblets). The stem is like a tree trunk and very busy full of acorns and oak leaves.  Email HERE if you know what this pattern is.

This beautiful relish dish is full of some berries, blackberries? Would it be the relish for the Sandwich Blackberry pattern? or Hobbs?
 This milk glass mug makes me think of that Mephistopheles (sp?) pattern but it is different. Is it the wind god? There is a similar mug in Adams' mug book.

Remember our "step" cov'd butter dish no one could ID for us? (see photo below) Well we found the cov'd sugar to match! AND we found the toothpick in the Bredehoft /Sanford Toothpick Holder book. They call it COLONIAL STAIRSTEPS but neither author Tom or Bob are sure why now. Can anyone elucidate all of the rest of us on this big mystery pattern?   EMAIL US

Look at this screwy lid!  It is about 3" OD; has a knob like some EAPG patterns but its flat; kinda stippled around the outer edge and its sunken in on the top but the knob sticks up.  Yes, it glows yellow under a black light. 
Part of a PICKET collection we just acquired has us wondering if there were 2 makers of the pattern- or just 2 variations by the same maker. Look at these 2 celery vases; one is shorter and has right angle corners- the other, larger, taller one has angles across the 4 corners. Also one has sharp edges on the top scallops and one has smooth edges. There are similar variations in the spooners. Any thoughts on this burning question?
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