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Here's another piece that stumped the EAPG Society experts. Again, I'm thinkin a foreign maker but still old glass.
And Sid Lethridge comes through again!
"King's No. 27 aka Sawtooth Bottom is the pattern and the piece is called square dish and cover in the catalog. "

A mystery sugar lid.  It is square with finial in shape of a covered sugar (with one handle missing). The leaves on the four corners are textured.
Any ideas about the pattern name?
EMAIL if you know.

Annie Tomb found this cov'd butter in Lee's Victorian Glass Handbook Plate 77!  Lee calls it simply King & her book offers no additional information.  The pattern is not mentioned in Welker's book.  Thanks Annie!  This gets her inducted into the Hall of Fame!

Can you see those little "feet" in the top photo? That's what those square things look like from the side- they dangle down. There are little thumbprints that go around the sides of this relish dish just above the "feet". I call it Cleat but would really like a more professional ID.

A basket! - a tiny little thing only 5" long and a tad over 3" wide. Okay, so it's probably not a pattern but its something old. Maybe our resident PhD botanist can ID the leaves, anyway. (maple?) Help?

We've been dragging this little guy to Harrisburg thinking someday, someone will remember what it is. It is the size of a butter pat, or toy plate at 3" OD & 5 8" high. I'm thinking POSSIBLY Feather Duster because U S Glass Co. made other little dishes like this. Any thoughts?

Sooooo whadaya think?  Is this amber stained Champion sauce dish made by McKee or Indiana Tumbler (Greentown)?


This grouchy looking guy is pictured in Ferson (#404) in Milk glass but ours is clear glass. He's 4 1/2" wide and 5 1/2" high and a ferocious looking mountain lion (according to Fersons). The tag on it at the sale said, "Cat ashtray". Know anything about it? EMAIL US
Look at the different zig zag "platforms" under the finials of these 2 Shell & Tassel sugar lids (both the round version of the pattern) and both have dog finials but they are different sizes- each fitting a base. Did we know Duncan made 2 forms of round Shell & Tassel?

Another one of those heavy cut glass lookalikes that has us stumped. This is a large ca 10" bowl with an uneven bottom which would preclude serving for some purposes. Any HELP?
And once again, our hat's off to Paul Kirk for nailing this SUCCESS pattern by Indiana 1909.  He even had a catalog picture of it from a Butler Brothers Catalog.

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