Hardly. They drank everything from brandy to moonshine; beer, wine, sherry, brandy, whisky, &/or gin depending on their taste & ability to buy. 
      All of the drinking vessels on this page were made during the 1840s - 1870s & unless specifically noted, they are all flint glass.  Of course lo, these 160 years later, we actually have no idea who drank what liquor (or whatever) from which vessel despite the assortment of names given to them by early writers & latter day collectors. 
       Other than normal wear, there is no damage to these pieces unless specifically noted in its listing.  There may be differences of opinion as to the makers of some patterns & some patterns were made by more than one glass house.

Below you will find listings for flat & footed 'whiskey' and 'bar' tumblers, champagne goblets, ale glasses, wine goblets, cordials & some related
fun items at the bottom. Don't get cranky about terms used.
Really all we think we know about most of these are simply guesses.
The numbers following some names relate to our inventory
& enable us to identify the piece of glass you select.
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Ribbed Bellflower
By Boston Sandwich
ca. 1860s.
It is 3 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" OD
at the top. 
The maker is unknown but
it is 3 1/2" tall and very
early flint.

Made by New England Glass Co. and others ca. 1860s.
It is 3 5/8" tall and 3 1/2" diameter at the top.
See another view HERE.
GIANT PRISM by maker
unknown ca. mid 19th c.
Has a base chip seen HERE.
NEW ENGLAND PINEAPPLE by the New England Glass Co. ca. 1850s. It is 4" tall the Water Tumbler in the pattern.  See inside view HERE**SOLD**
FLUTE A handled whiskey
2 7/8" tall w/ ground pontil & applied handle.  Adams' mug
book #188  $85
BABY THUMBPRINT 4 Row aka Argus #316 & #613.
4 1/4" tall. Rough pontil.
We had 2**SOLD**
4 ROW #364 By Bakewell
Pears ca. 1880s. 3 5/8" tall.
BABY THUMBPRINT 4 Row aka Argus #376
By Bakewell Pears ca.
1850s. 4 1/8" tall. $65
TONG aka Excelsior Variant
By Boston Sandwich ca.
1850s. Low flint content but
heavy glass; rough pontil; flake under the base.**SOLD**
By an unknown maker
ca mid 19th c. 2 very small
flat flakes...one on inside
and one on outside of top rim.
undetermined origin but
its an early one. It has a
little cloudiness in the base & a chip on one corner of
the base. $35
HERCULES PILLAR By Bakewell Pears per Metz. ca. 1850s.
These are low flint content, if any.
The footed tumbler on the left has a rough pontil.**SOLD**
The 2 3/4" tall mug on the right has a molded handle
with a 'chevron' mark at the base.
It may be a 'whiskey taster' or toy mug. $65
has a pressed handle & is
3 5/8" tall. The maker is unknown but ca. 1860s. There is some roughness on the base. $75
McKee ca. 1870s.
We have 2 in flint.
$45 each
Bakewell, Pears & Co.
ca. 1870s. We have
3 @ $75 each.
By unknown maker
ca. mid 19th c.
5" tall & flint. **SOLD**
This is pictured in Barlow
Kaiser #1190. They call it a goblet because high stemmed goblets were not made until the 1840s.  That dates these
VERY early! It is 3 1/2" tall &
2 3/8" OD at the top edge.
Ground pontil.
We have 2 @ $135 each.
SHANE Footed tumbler
or Brandy. It is pictured
& named in Unitt II at page
16. It is  4" tall & 2 7/8" OD
at the top edge ca. 1860s.
We have 4 @ $35 each.
AH HA! Don Bolin has 'broken the code' & provided a copy of an ad, see HERE for these made in France in the 1960s!

A whiskey made ca. 1840s-50s, before
names were assigned
to patterns. It is 3 5/8" tall & has 3 tiny
fleabites seen HERE.


A side by side comparison of the Ashburton A, B, C & D champagnes below.
We are unable to attribute them as to maker for certain but most likely
The New England Glass Co. ca. 1860s.
#603 Champagne
4 7/8" tall. No pontil. See small chip on side
of base HERE.  $35
#604 Champagne
5 1/8" tall. It may
have a ground pontil.
   ASHBURTON  C #605 Champagne 4 7/8" tall. It has no pontil.

#606   Champagne 5" tall.  The ovals are cut & it has a ground pontil. $65

#697 flint champagne
It is also 4 7/8" tall.
HUBER aka Cape Cod #222 by the New England Glass Co. ca. 1860s. 
Our #493.  It is 5 1/4" tall. $55
BESSIMER FLUTE #494 5"tall.
Ground Pontil. 

BESSIMER FLUTE #039 5 1/4" tall; 8 panels; Metz I #393.
Ground pontil

Rare CHERRY pattern by Bakewell Pears ca. 1870
in flint fiery opalescent milk glass as seen
in the second photo. It is 4 7/8" tall.
Not previously described. **SOLD**
Champagne ca. 1870s
by Portland Glass Co.
It is 6 1/8" tall & 2 5/8" diameter at the top. $175
It is 5 1/4" tall, has a rough pontil and a tiny 'fleabite' under the
base seen HERE.
HUBER - A flint champagne goblet with "vintage grape engraving". First champagne we've seen with this
well-known decor. $85
HERCULES PILLAR was made by Hobbs Brockunier ca. 1850s. It is 5 1/2" tall.   $85
non-flint 4 3/4" tall.
Pic in Unitt ca.
1870s. $35

By a maker unknown to us many long years ago.
It is 7 3/4" tall, heavy
flint & $85
HUBER aka Cape Cod #22 aka Straight Huber by the New England Glass Co. & others ca. 1860s. 
It is 6 3/4" tall. 
MIRROR aka Rounded Thumbprint by a maker unknown to us.  It is
6 3/4" tall & 2 3/4" OD at the top edge. We have2 @ $65 each or the pair for $85.
This might be by the Greentown; Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co. It advertises "Clarksville Cider Co. St. Louis, Mo." It is 6 1/2" tall. See text HERE. $45

#606 & #931 by many factories including
McKee during the mid 1800s.  They are
Pony Ales or Jelly Glasses - depending on
which name for one chooses.
They are non-flint.  
#422 is 5 3/4" tall & 2 3/8" diameter at the top;
#606 is 5 3/4" tall, 2" at the top & has a
very slight tinge of color;
#931 is 2 1/8" at the top & it leans a little.
See a close-up of the pattern HERE.
They are $36 each.

#854 Heavy.  Pic in Metz 1 pg 8;
6 3/4" tall. Maker & exact dates unk
but certainly mid 1800s. The foot has had a clean
break & been reglued - see on left side of photo.
TONG aka Excelsior Variant #1 aka
Hourglass by Curling, Robinson & Co. ca.
1856. Ale or Jelly
Glass - depending.....  
5 1/2" tall & 3" OD
at top edge.  We
have 3 @ $85 each.
ARGUS #486 By Bakewell & others ca. 1840s - 50s.
4 1/8" tall. $75
TALL ARGUS #593 By Bakewell Pears & others ca. 1840s & 50s.  4 1/4" tall. Metz I pg 16.  $85 ASHBURTON Var. #589 By New England Glass Co. & others ca. 1860s. 4" tall; ground pontil. $55
ASHBURTON #584  Set of 3 matching
4 1/4" tall wines.  1 7/8" OD at top edge.
Made by the New England Glass Co.
& others ca. 1860s. Set of 3 $110.
Seen in Metz II pg 52 in goblet size. This is a 4 1/2" wine by Boston Sandwich ca. 1840s.
Bright, shiny & bell-toned. $175
See Inside shot HERE & rough pontil HERE.
By New England Glass Co. & others ca. 1860s. 4 1/4" tall.
#585 By New England Glass
Co. & others ca. 1860s.
4" tall. $55
#586   By New England Glass Co. & others ca. 1860s. 4 1/8" tall.  $55
#587 By New England Glass
Co. & others ca. 1860s. 4 1/4" tall.  This is non-flint. $35
#588 By New England Glass
Co. & others ca. 1860s.
3 7/8" tall. #588   $55
BARREL EXCELSIOR #149 By McKee & others ca. 1862s. 4 1/4" tall,
1 7/8" OD at top. $65
Tall wine 4 1/2" tall. Pic
Metz I pg 233.
Pillar Variant. By undetermined
maker ca. 1850s. May be non-flint
but very early, crude glass RARE
in wine; rough pontil.  One with
broken, reglued foot $75 &
one with only crude roughness -
no damage $145
EXCELSIOR #254 By Boston Sandwich
ca. 1850s.
4 5/8" tall. $65
BULLSEYE #247 By New England Glass Co.
ca. 1865. 4 1/2" tall, 2 1/16"
OD at top edge. We have 2 of these; #247 & #350
$85 each
DIAGONAL  SAWTOOTH BAND Maker not attributed
ca. 1850s. "Very scarce" per
Metz II pg. 18.  Seen in Sandwich Museum.  We have
5 @ $65 each. or all 5 for $225
RING #205 By maker unknown ca. 1870s; 4 1/8" tall. "Scarce".  $135
By Boston Sandwich ca. 1850.
4" tall.   $150
#103 By unknown maker
ca. 1850s. 4 1/2" tall; 1 7/8"
OD at top edge. Clear &
heavy like flint but no ring because of thickness of
glass. $125
#546 Unknown maker ca.
1850s. Rings like flint &
lighter weight than #103.
4 3/8" tall; 2 3/16" at
top edge. Ground pontil.
#360, 362, 363 & 364
These are 4" Bellflower wines
with single vine, fine ribs,
barrel bowls, ribs to the top edge, knob stems & plain
bases. We have 4 matching
@ $65 each.
#358, 359 & 361
These are 4" Bellflower wines
with single vine, fine ribs,
barrel bowls, ribs to the top edge, knob stems & a base with rays to the outer edge of the
foot . We have 3 matching @
$65 each.
4" Bellflower wine
has single vine, fine ribs, straight sides, a hexagonal
stem, short rayed base & “thumbprints” under the bowl.  We have 1with an almost microscopic nic in the base for $45.

BY Bakewell, Pears & Co. ca.
1850.  We have 10 in flint. 
They are all 4 1/4" - 4 3/8" tall.
Eight are undamaged and $85 each.
One has a nic on the top edge seen HERE. It is $35. And one has a flat flake on the top of the foot seen HERE & it is $35.

LONG PANELED FLUTE maker unknown; dates ca. 1850s or
'60s. Ground pontil.
4 1/2" tall. There
is crazing in the base
seen HERE.
By Bakewell, Pears & Co.
We have 4 in non-flint,
probably 1860s. They are
4 1/4" tall & look like
the flint ones but are only
$65 each.
HUBER  By Boston Sandwich
ca. 1860s.  These are 3 1/8"
tall & may or may not be flint; they are too teeny to have
any chance of having
the bell tone ring. We have
3 @ $65 each.
McKee ca. 1870s.
It is non-flint but we're showing it here anyway.
appears to be either a toothpick holder or a shot glass. So we'll include it here in case its the latter.  $54
Just for fun, we're including some early non-flint jiggers
made in England in the shape of thimbles.  The words
around the top edge say, "JUST A THIMBLEFULL". 
But they are 2 1/8" tall thimbles specifically made to
insure good measure.  In clear glass $65 & rare blue $95.
Here are two mid 19th c. flint wine coasters. They are heavy & have the inner base rim to accommodate a bottle of your favorite vintage libation.
The "Fan & Diamond" pattern (left) will accept a bottle nearly 4" in diameter.
The "Prism" patterned one (right) will accept a bottle up to 3 3/4" in diameter.
They are $68 each.

These prices do not include the cost of shipping & insurance.
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