All lacy glass has some flint in it but Lacy Salts are earlier than our
Flint Glass Salts seen HERE. We would appreciate any help with
identification of those whose patterns we do not know.
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This is a French Lacy Salt ca. 1840s.
It is 3 legged, 2 3/4" in diameter with a 1 3/4" opening & 2 1/4" tall.
It is H & J #3495; Neal #HN-18, pg 114.
One of the 'feet' is missing 2 'toes', see HERE.
SPB130     $75

Coddington 35-4-2 Smith #339-6-3; A lacy rarity;
see Lee Sandwich Pl26 for similar pieces ;
rims ground smooth; from early 1820s.
Very heavy flint; Chips on top edge. Bright white under black light.    
See edge damage HERE. SPA594    $155.00.
A Lacy rarity; see Lee Sandwich Pl26; rims ground smooth ; from early 1820s. AS IS crack down the side and into the base; deep star design in base. SPA592  $85 A rare Lacy salt; Flint; yellow under black light; few flakes on base; rough rim of overfill inside top rim; chip on one top and one base corner.
   SP452     $275.

Heavy flint; bright white
under black light; 1 flat
chip on top edge; very minimal roughness on rest.     
 SPA582     $55.
Neal # R09; Coddington 13-23 round; origin France; scarce; glows yellow under black light; 6 point star in base; no damage to top rim; 2 small chips & roughness to base.
SPA589     $65.
Crown-Like  Flint Opalescent  Neal #CN 1b, pg. 48.   
Made by Boston Sandwich
Very rare, probably 1830s.  Small chips on top & feet. 
See photo of feet HERE.
SP451        $225

Probably French made, cobalt blue glass Lacy flint Double Salt. The overall length at the top is 3 1/2” and the width is 2”. The height of the curved center divider is about 2 1/8”. The date of manufacture could be anywhere between 1830 & 1850. We have not found it described in a reference.
It has a shallow flake on one top side which only penetrates the top edge in one tiny spot - seen HERE. And it has a chip on the base at one end…seen HERE.. A photo from one end is seen HERE. And HERE is a view from the top.
All in all, its in remarkable condition considering its age and origin. 
SPA597         $645
Collard Bullseye Heavy flint; oval thumbprint band.  Eight panelled thumbprint; Footed; yellow under black light.  Few small flakes on top edge & base.  SP647 $68 Coddington 40-4-2. Heavy flint; there is an area of overfill sticking up at the inside top edge and it has chips on it. Also a chip on one outside top corner. SP782   $55
Coddington 41-2-4 No damage - probably as good as the day it was made!   SPA000  $65 Neal 002 Some roughness on bottom edge;1 flake on bottom; Heacock Johnson #3464
SPA666    $58
EAGLE Lacy  Neal #EE-1a  Heacock #3482    
2” high; 2 7/8” long; 2 1/4” wide;
has trees w/ falling leaves? on both ends SPA680  **SOLD**

Chariot  Neal CT1A pp34-35.  Flint. 
1 chip on top edge at center point on longer side - see in 1st photo.
HERE's a photo looking down into it and HERE's a close-up of the Charriot.
SPA164 $165

Neal #OL 3 - Very Rare  Lacy Origin France.  Light weight, bubbly glass.  Great shape top edge - only 1 flake on outside top side end. Slightly rough around the base.  Mold lines on sides. Not listed in clear; only light amber. 
SPA583   $250

Coddington 47-3-1;   Smith #406-4-3.
Flint with flowered top rim has some roughness around outer edge;
Flea bites on 3 corners of octagon base.   SP803      $45

Neal #SL 1a Lacy - Scarce; deep yellow under black light; very little roughness; 
SP891  $85
Top of these 2 salts pictured side by side.

Bottom - inside both of these salts.
Neal #SL 1a Lacy - Scarce; deep yellow under black light; only 1 chip on top edge of one side & moderate roughness on base. SPA585  $65
This is a salt we have been unable to identify. 
The base design deeply inset (see photo at right);
Bright white under black light;
base has been ground & shows tremendous wear;
Several flakes on top rim; very heavy flint  
 SPA584     $48
Coddington 27-3-1 double salt with handle (which is slightly tilty);
glows yellow under black light;
large chip on side  but virtually no other damage.  
 SPA595              $135.
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