This Store has pairs of shakers.
Again, we are selling the glass shakers here. 
If the lids are not reported here to be original, we'll put the best
metal lids on them that we can find to fit. 
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CRYSTAL WEDDING Shakers are not readily found today.
This is a pair of them with matching "Salt" & "pepper" lids - different sizes of holes.
The glass is also in excellent shape. **SOLD**
Back and front Views of a matching Threesomeof MT. WASHINGTON hand painted egg....
2 shakers and a mufineer. The glass on all 3 pieces is flawless & the lids are original.
We believe the flowers are called Hawthone.
The set is $165.
ATLANTA aka Square Lion are a premier pattern by Fostoria ca. 1896. The sides are adorned with engraved flower sprigs, the Lions are clear - the glass is perfect, the lids - not so much... but they fit. The pair is $160 These pretty shakers are called
a pretty name, but glorious cased glass by Consolidated ca. 1897 - 1903. Pair is $85
ACORN shaped and named pattern by a maker unknown
to us. The lids are gold colored. They have great coloring and the glass is undamaged. According to Lechler they are scarc .
$95 for the pair.
REXFORD pattern is a product
of the John H. Higbee Glass Co.
ca. 1908. They have okay but not matching lids. $38
The name, while not exactly elegant, is visually appropriate for this pair of elusive shakers.
The lids appear to be original and the glass is undamaged. Consolitated gets the credit for their design & making ca 1894. $95

BRAZILLIAN pattern by Fostoria's #600
ca. 1897 in deep emerald green.
They have matching very nice looking
replacement lids in a deep brass color.
See their side view HERE.
$95 for the pair

DELAWARE is the U S Glass Co. States pattern for The Diamond State.
It was made ca. 1899.
Shaker in this pattern are very rare.
This set has Fabulous Gold decor,
original lids, and no damage.
BEEHIVE is the name for this novelty pair of shakers. They are 2 5/8" across the base &
2 1/4" tall with the original lids & glass inserts. Pictured in "The World of Salt Shakers by Lechner & made ca. 1888-1898 by Buckeye Glass Works; Bridgeport, OH.
Reported to be VERY SCARCE. $68/ Pair.
aka Fostoria's #1000 ca. 1901
Milk Glass w/ painted flowers.
ca. 1904   $38
UTAH - The U S Glass Co. States'
pattern in original holder.  Probably original lids - no damage whatsoever. See another view HERE.  The shakers & holder $85

CALIFORNIA aka Beaded Grape
U S Glass Co.  ca. 1890s.
Tops are probably original & don't look as bad
as this photo makes them look.  $68
CROESUS w/ excellent gold decor.
Riverside Glass Works ca. 1897.
See base chip on one shaker HERE.
Another pair of CROESUS shakers by Riverside ca. 1897 with fabulous
gold decor & probably original lids
in vaseline Cooperative Flint Glass Co.
ca. 1880s.    $95
aka Ethol by Bryce Higbee 1890s
One has a flat flake under one
base scallop. $95
Maker of this Victorian era shaker set is undetermined.
A great undamaged set with original metal tops. $73
Maker is probably McKee ca. 1890s.
We have another single shaker HERE.
TWO BANDS aka Doyle's #200
by Doyle & Co. ca. 1880.
They are 3 1/2" tall to the top
of the new lids.   $45 for the pair.

This pattern is believed to be Canton's Finecut ca.
1885. The pair fits perfectly into a really nice matching holder.**SOLD**
U S Glass Co. #15018 See pattern view HERE.
Ca. 1893. Need lids. $32

GAELIC By Indiana Glass Co.
ca. 1908   $46
FLOWER PANEL in milk glass. 
Original matching lids.
By McKee ca. 1904 - 1912   $42
NIPPON china shakers with
Sailboats. They are 3" tall w/
corks in the base. Great shape! $38
These are not for sale until we
identify them for certain.
HEAVY RIB by Jeanette Glass Co. ca. 1925. Good, heavy metal lids
HEISEY pattern unknown.
0nly 2" tall with these original lids.
By A J Heisey. $42
KLONDIKE aka English Hobnail Cross aka Amberette by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton ca. 1898.  Squatty style.  There is a tiny bruise on the side of one... not a chip. Original, heavy lids.  $245
They are 3" tall. The lids don't match but
both are old lids. They are pictured in Lee's
Victorian Glass Book. See the Shield in
front HERE.    $44 for the pair.

MITRED DIAMONDS aka Sunken Buttons; maker unknown but
ca. 1880s. See base chip on one in photo.
PORTLAND aka U S Portland
By U S Glass Co. ca. 1910.
Metal lids seem original. $67
Novelty shakers in milk glass.
Tops are original & in good shape. $55
? pattern & THE PRIZE
We don't know what the pattern is on the shaker
on the left. If you know, please let us know.
By National Glass Co. ca. 1900.
ZIPPER type shakers - Prism Column? or
Beaded Coarse Bars? - see above compared
to The Prize pattern. One has bad base
damage seen HERE. $28
By U S Glass Co. ca. 1896.
Old, matching tops $65
See matching mustard HERE.

SUNK DAISY aka Daisy -
Cooperative Flint Glass Co. ca. 1896.

TEEPEE aka Nemesis aka Arizona
By Geo Duncan Sons
& Co. ca. 1896. Original tops
in good condition. $55
WHEAT & BARLEY aka Duquesne   By Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s.
In amber   $90
In clear, one has 3 tiny internal bruises **SOLD**
TOKOYO By Jefferson Glass Co. ca. 1904.
Beautiful green/opalescent. **SOLD**
GALLOWAY straight sided.  The lids are
original but are missing the glass inserts.
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*Glass Salt Shakers by Arthur G. Peterson, Ph. D., Wallace Homestead 1970