This Store is concerned with Four Piece Table Sets, Cream & Sugar Sets and Miscellaneous other Sets of Victorian dishes.  As we learned in Pattern Glass School, many patterns were made in what were called Table Sets which consist of a Covered butter dish, spooner, covered sugar bowl and a creamer.
In some patterns we have a matching sugar bowl & creamer.
And various other matching pieces such as condiment sets are available.
We have more pieces of most of these patterns so if you are interested, let us know.
For our Store with Berry Sets & Water Sets, click HERE.

Riverside Glass Co. made this exquisitely gold decorated table set
ca. 1898. The pattern is Seed Pod aka SeedPod aka Olympia.
There are small nics on the flange (the part of lids that fit down
into the base) of the sugar and butter lids.
The Covered butter, covered sugar, creamer & spooner set is $335.

RIVERSIDE GLASS WORKS made this astonishing pattern in the 1880s in
Wellsburg, West Virginia. One can only imagine what caused one of their glass designers to come up with the idea of putting a Grasshopper or Locust on the sides of the sugar bowl, spooner & celery vase of this otherwise beautiful pattern.
It is interesting that they named the pattern No. 4 Ware unless it was engraved, then it was called No, 10. So what we have is the No. 10 Table Set.
The 5 piece set - including the butter lid is $450.

We also have an extra spooner, 2 10" shallow footed plates, a 7 1/2" footed plate and a master salt for sale in this pattern. Those pieces are pictured, described and prices in their respective Pattern Glass Stores.

Manila pattern better known as Wreath & Shell was
one of the signature products of the Albany Glass Co. ca. 1900.
Here is a full Four Piece Table set, creamer, covered butter dish,
spooner and covered sugar bowl in coveted vaseline opalescent.
The only 'flaw' is a surface flake on the side of the sugar bowl seen HERE
which may have occurred in-the-making. The six pieces, incl. lids is $685
Tree of Life is an early design for pressed glass. 
In this table set, the non-flint pattern goes to the top edge so it is by
Portland Glass Co. ca. 1870s.  The creamer has an applied handle as was common in the 1870s. There is no damage on any of the 6 pieces
(including the lids).   The set is $445.
REGAL is an appropriate name for this exquisite Northwood pattern!
What table would this not set off?
HERE is a picture of the 2 pieces of the butter dish & HERE is an attempt to show the Northwood Mark which appears under all 4 pieces.
There is a small flake on the table foot of the creamer seen HERE
and an unfortunate chip from the butter base seen HERE. $185
Northwood knew how to build spectacular table sets!
This group of emerald green with brilliant gold is smashing. 
(If such a word can be used with glass.)
The pattern is MEMPHIS aka Doll's Eye aka Northwood #19.
See the individual pieces HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE.
The only 'misshaps' are a small flat flake on the top edge of the sugar base
& a tiny nic on one spooner handle.  The Set is $275.

RIVERSIDE'S PATTERN #3 hails from the 1880s and is one of
Riverside's obscure patterns. Being so plain, it is difficult to identify
also. We owe this ID to Lu & Jack, Riverside experts.
The 3 pieces in this set are the open sugar, cov'd butter and cream pitcher.
In the Riverside catalog page above, note that the sugar bowl has no lid
so it is possible that none was made for this pattern.
See photos of the individual pieces & a close-up of the engraving.
The covered butter dish is $85 and
the sugar & creamer set is $85.
The three piece set is $145 - a good discount from the
price of the separate pieces.
This is A. H. Heisey's pattern, RING BAND - Heisey's #310 created ca. 1898
in beautiful Ivorina (custard) glass with gold trim at about 90% retention. All three pieces have the Diamond H Mark see HERE .
The Five Piece Set is $285.

We also have in this same pattern and decor:
A Toothpick Holder see HERE for $85
An oil Cruet w/ original stopper see HERE for $295
And an 8 1/4" Master Berry Bowl see HERE & HERE for $95
This is the Aetna Glass Co. pattern #301 from the 1880s...
a 3 piece table set, Spooner, covered sugar and creamer.
On the right is a copy of the catalog page from the 1880s advertising this set.  We do not have a covered butter dish. These four pieces (incl. lid) are $72.
We have all but the covered sugar in this pattern named SUPERIOR!
It was made by the U S Company, their #150331 ca. 1896.
This pretty 3 piece set is $75.

GOTHIC SPEARPOINT is one of McKee's patterns ca. 1902 with excellent gold bands remaining after all these years.
The 3 piece set is $85.
CANE INSERT in gorgeous emerald green was a product of the Tarentum Glass Co. ca. 1890s.
This set consists of the creamer, covered butter dish (see also HERE) & covered sugar bowl. The gold decor is in moderate condition. $82
Northwood's BELLADONA pattern with the blue & white decor and
gold bands & finials. The pattern was created ca. 1906 & retains almost all of its color and gold. The only part missing is the base of the butter dish. We have substituted a complimentary EAPG era base for it see HERE & HERE.

The six piece (to include lids) set is $195

We have literally dozens more matching sugar bowls and creamers
which can be purchased separately or together.
If there is a pattern you'd like to have, just ASK US if we have it.
DOUBLE ICICLE aka Early Diamond is an elusive
Greentown pattern ca. 1880s. The table-size covered sugar  & creamer set is $85
This is actually a spooner & creamer but the spooner can be used as a sugar bowl also.  This fabulous pattern is the
U S Glass Co. #15123  aka Fort Pitt ca. 1910. The gold and paint decor are both in excellent condition. See Close up of floral decor HERE.    The set is $78.
ALABAMA - the States' pattern by U S Glass Co. ca. 1892 is an elusive pattern in this set. It is not a Child's set but an adult individual covered sugar & creamer. Sometimes called a Breakfast Set. Both pieces are 3" tall.
The set is $72
FERN GARLAND is by McKee ca. 1904.  This is a 'Breakfast Set'; small versions of the creamer & sugar. See the pretty design close up HERE.  The creamer is 3" tall and 2 1/2" wide and the open sugar (never had a lid) is 2 1/2" tall and 3 1/4" wide.  The set is $46.

AUSTRIAN aka Fine Cut Medallion
by Indiana Tumbler, their #200
ca. 1890. The small breakfast
open sugar & creamer set is $65.
CUT LOG aka Ethol is a Bryce
Higbee pattern ca. 1890s.  The individual or breakfast set
at 3" tall. $85 
DAISY & BUTTON WITH CROSSBARS aka Mikado by Richards & Hartley ca. 1885.  This is another individual open sugar & creamer breakfast set.
LACY MEDALLION pattern was probably made by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1905. This is the table sized true open sugar (no lid) & creamer with good gold decor & inscribed in gold, "Souvenir from Dunbar, Iowa". $73

BEVELED STAR aka Pride made by Model Flint Glass Co. ca. 1895.
The set is $85
This is a Beveled Star aka Pride Jelly compote.  It is 4 1/2" tall. $38
AZTEC aka New Mexico pattern by McKee ca. 1900 - 1910. The set is $75 LOOPS W/ DEWDROPS by U S Glass Co. #15028 ca. 1892.  The set is $65