As you might imagine, finding Victorian pattern glass in any form is difficult after the passing of the 110 - 160 years since it was manufactured, it is even more difficult to find matching pieces.  As we learned in Pattern Glass School, some patterns were made in sets we call Table Sets, Berry Sets, Water Sets and even condiment sets or even a matching sugar bowl & creamer.
This Store includes Berry Sets and Water Sets.
For Table Sets, go HERE.
We have more pieces of most of these patterns so if you are looking, let us know & we'll tell you what else we have for you.
X - RAY in emerald green & gold is a Show Stopper!
This is a Riverside Glass Works pattern ca. 1899.
It includes the 8 1/4" master berry bowl
and six 4" berry bowls. All immaculate.
$270 for all 7 pieces
A. H. HEISEY didn't scrimp on the gold decor on this PINEAPPLE & FAN Berry Set!!
Its five pieces are all 'top drawer' examples of this gorgeous pattern.
The Master berry is 8 1/2" in diameter & the 4 berry bowls measure 4 1/2" at the top.
The pattern was made ca. 1895 making this set well over a century old!
All for $175.

Elson's No. 88 Octagon Berry set
Master Berry with an astonishing 8 matching berry bowls.

"Mama" is 8 sided and 9 1/2" side to side.
The "kids" are also 8 sided and 4 3/4" side to side.
There is not a smidgen of damage to any of the nine pieces.
 Made in the 1880s.
All of the pieces are exactly the same color.. our photographess is just inept.
See some other pictures HERE and HERE. $295

This Northwood masterpiece is named INVERTED FAN & FEATHER.
The color is known as pink slag & it is best represented here in the photos with the black background. 
There is no damage to any of the 7 pieces.  There is a manufacturer's 'squiggle' in one 'v' of the master berry bowl seen close up HERE.  It is not disfiguring or obvious in an overall view of the piece, see HERE
A close-up photo of the details on the smaller berry bowls is seen HERE.
Additional photos will be provided upon request.
The Seven pieces will be sold only as a Set for $2750.

ALASKA aka Lion's Leg is probably Northwood's premier pattern,
especially in vaseline opalescent. It was made 1897 - 1910.
This five piece berry set consists of the master berry bowl which is 7 1/4"
square & 4 matching individual berry bowls which are 3 3/4" square. 
The set, all pieces of which are in perfect condition, is $535.

This Berry Set is in a pattern called BIG BUTTON aka Block & Lattice was
made  by the Pioneer Glass Co.... their pattern #9. 
The master berry bowl is oval - 10" x 8". 
It has 3 matching sauce dishes.  All for $95
This pattern is called REVERSE 44 aka Panelled 44 but the Original Manufacturer's Name is ATHENIA.  We have the8 1/4" master berry bowl & 5 matching berry dishes all washed in very good gold decor.
The photos from top left 1) Master Berry Bowl at the side;
2) Master Berry Bowl looking in and 3) one berry dish.
Below photos:  L) 5 berry dishes & R) The Six piece set.    $185
DEWEY pattern is aka Flower Flange.  This set consists of the
master berry bowl and 4 smaller berry dishes.  It is an Indiana Tumbler
& Goblet Co. Greentown creation from 1898 - to honor Admiral Dewey. 
The five piece set is $185.

ELLROSE pattern is also known as AMBERETTE or Daisy & Button,
Panelled.  The master berry is 8 1/4" in diameter and there are 4
matching 4" berry bowls.  The set is $165.
LEAF MEDALLION aka Regent is a spectacular pattern in emerald green with gold decor by Northwood ca. 1903.  The master berry bowl is 9" across the top and the six sauce dishes
are 4 3/4" in diameter at the top. 
The 7 piece set is **SOLD**.
GALLOWAY is a grand old pattern by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1904.
This master berry bowl is very deep.... 4 1/2".  And it is 8 1/2" in diameter
at the top. The five little berry dishes match it in shape and
are 4 1/2" in diameter.  The gold decor is great.  The set is $135.
GUTTATE is a spectacular pattern in this white glass with gold decor!
The pattern is a product of the Consolidated Lamp & Glass Co. ca. 1894.
The master berry is 8" diameter and the sauces are 4 1/4" diam.
The 5 piece set is $315.
KANSAS aka Jewel & Dewdrop - the Sunflower State pattern
by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1901.  The master is 8 1/2" in diameter at the top
edge & deep enough to hold a lot of dessert or veggies. 
We have 4 little 4" sauce dishes to match to make a 5 piece set **SOLD**.

This pattern is called PANELLED DAISY or Brazil.  The master berry bowl is 8 1/2" in diameter.  The smaller berry bowls are 4 1/2" across. 
The four piece set, master berry and 3 berries is $85.
The fourth berry bowl has a crack so it is free.
See a close-up picture of the daisy on the corners
PLUTEC is one of the popular "tec" patterns by McKee ca. 1910.
This berry set has the 7" master berry bowl plus 3 individual 4" bowls for **SOLD**

REVERSE TORPEDO aka Bull's Eye & Diamond Point is a magnificent
Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton creation from 1892.  The centerpiece of this set
is a shallow 9 1/2" diameter, 5 1/4" tall compote that compliments
the individual 4" berry bowls.  The Five Piece Set is $165. 
Four extra berry bowls are $18 each.
SHELL & JEWEL is rarely found in color and it is
especially rare in amber.  The pattern was made by Fostoria and by Westmoreland.  We are uncertain which company made the amber but we're guessing at the date as 1893.
Our set consists of the 7 3/4" diameter master berry bowl and
3 individual berry dishes that are 4 1/2" diameter.  $95
WASHINGTON aka Late Washington is the State Pattern by the
U S Glass Co. ca. 1901. It is beautifully decorated with the familiar
rose pink & green floral design. After all these years, it is difficult
to find so many pieces with the design still bright and beautiful
& not worn.  The Six Piece Set consisting of the 8" master berry bowl
and five 4" diameter individual berry bowls is **SOLD**
X RAY is an unlikely name for an EAPG pattern but that is what
Riverside Glass Co. called it when they introduced it ca. 1899.
This is an exquisite example of the pattern in clear with
excellent gold decor. The master berry bowl is 8" in diameter and the 4 matching individual berry bowls are 4" across.
The five piece set is $110

We call this an Ice Cream Set but an 1884 ad for the set calls it a Jelly Set.
The pattern is called SNOWDROP which would be obvious if you
squint and can see the tiny specks in the shell shaped dishes.

There are 12 small dishes, only one of which is broken.

Click HERE for a photo of the set in its 'pasteboard box' taken from Swan's book on Portland Glass. The picture is correct, his attribution is not.
The maker is unknown. The 13 piece set is $135

RIVERSIDE'S X-RAY pattern is delicious emerald green
with stupendous gold trim in the indented lines.
The tumblers are 3 3/4" tall & the gold is excellent on 5 of the 6.
The gold on the 6th one is slightly less. $325

NORTHWOOD made this water set in VENETIAN pattern,
aka Utopia Optic, Northwood's No. 225 ca. 1899.  
It is gorgeous glass & a gorgeous cobalt blue color w/ excellent decor. 
The set consists of the pitcher which is shown in a Heacock Northwood book and is damage-free and 6 tumblers,
3 of which have insignificant blemishes seen HERE, HERE & HERE.
Seven piece set is $395
Here's a gorgeous 1888 Northwood 7 piece water set in a pattern called
RIBBED PILLAR.  It is called pink splatter in a satin finish.
The only damage is a small flake from the top of the pitcher seen HERE
All six tumblers are without damage.   The 7 piece set is $395.

ROYAL IVY is the pattern name for this majestic five piece water set.
Northwood gets credit for this elegant design and skillfully colored collection.
The pitcher is 8 1/4" tall & the tumblers are 3 3/4" tall.
Created ca. 1889, it is available 125 years later for $295. 
That price is for the pitcher and 1 tumbler. 
The other 3 tumblers are free because they each have small flaws.
One tumbler has a small amount of roughness at the top edge seen HERE.

FLORIDA aka Emerald Green Herringbone
The water pitcher is in great shape but 3 of the 4 tumblers have small problems.
See flakes on bottom of 1 tumbler HERE , a tiny ding on the lip of one tumbler seen HERE and a chip on the base of 1 tumbler HERE
Still a fun set to use in the Spring, for St. Patrick's Day or Christmas. $85
This is a very popular Indiana Glass Co. pattern ca. 1905.
The water pitcher is 9 1/2" tall to mid-side and the tumblers are 4 1/4" tall.
The price includes 4 tumblers and 4 more are available for $22 each when purchased with the set.   $85
We also have a number of other forms of this pattern in their respective webStores on our site including:
7" 3 footed bowl, cake stand, jelly compote with lid, creamer,
1 footed cup, 1 footed sauce, and 3 rare 4" tall wine goblets.
PLUTEC is a spiffy pattern by McKee ca. 1910.
Serve your guests a bit of their favorite liqueur from this matching set.
The decanter w/ matching stopper & five 4" tall stems **SOLD**.
PENNSYLVANIA Here we have a handled decanter with the original patterned stopper and a pair of 4" tall matching wine goblets for **SOLD**.
We have 6 more of the wine goblets for $18 each.