Those Huddleston kids from
Conway loved sugary  treats
they got at Mount Nebo in
Arkansas where  they
Uncle George
said he is frowning in the
picture because he wasn't
used to wearing shoes &
they hurt his feet.
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The sugar bowls in this Store are missing their lids. 
We call them "Open Sugars".
Perhaps you have the lid to one of these, or you want to
replace that orange juice can you're using as a
pencil holder with a piece of classy glass, or you're
just happy to find another piece of your coveted pattern.
If you have the lids to fit any of these sugar bases,
maybe you want to buy our base or sell your lid to us.
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ALABAMA by U S Glass Co. ca. 1892.  It is 4" tall and 4 1/8" diameter at the top.  It has 2 flakes, just barely seen HERE & HERE they are so small.  $65 FLEUR D' LIS
by the Greentown or Royal Glass Co. ca. 1901.
DARLING GRAPE aka Late Paneled Grape was made by Beatty, Brady ca. 1908 & Indiana Dunkirk ca. 1913. $32
We have one w/ Lid for $55
NEW JERSEY - The States' pattern by U S Glass Co.
It is 3 5/8" tall. Lid would fit inside 3 7/8" opening. 
An early 1880s EAPG
pattern by Adams & Co.,
their #155 line.
is a product of the Riverside Glass Works ca. 1907.
The lid would need to be 4 1/16" OD.  $36
at the famous Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca 1870s.  It is 5"
tall.  $65
ATLANTA aka SQUARE LION is an extended pattern line by Fostoria ca 1895. 
It was their pattern #500. 
COLORADO is the U S Glass Co. pattern #15057 made ca. 1890s to celebrate the Centennial State. $65


BLUE HERON - one of the beautifully decorated crystallography patterns by
Dithridge ca. 1870s. Photographing these patterns is a huge challenge.
This could also be used as a spooner.  $55
CATHEDRAL aka - a rather scarce piece of actual
amethyst EAPG by Bryce Bros. ca. 1885. A lid to fit it would
need to fit inside 3 1/2". 
CHAIN With STAR is the Bryce Bros. pattern #79 made ca. 1882. $55. 
We have another one
with a chip for $25
aka Inverted Loop & Fan
By the U S Glass Co.
ca. 1897 for their States'
series.  It has a small flake under the base.  $38
BARLEY aka Indian
by Bryce Higbee
ca. 1885.  $32
CANE aka Cane Seat by McKee Bros ca. 1885.
It has small flakes under the outside rim seen HERE. It has a flake on the base edge seen HERE.  $35
was made by an unknown
maker.  It is also called
California but is not one of the
U S Glass States' series. 
Central Glass Co. pattern
ca. 1880s.  We have 2 of
these, both of which have
some roughness on the
base for $52 each.
pattern was made by Adams
ca. 1890s. It has some
corner roughness and a flat
chip under one corner of
the base $38
DOUBLE GREEK KEY pattern was made by the Nickel  Plate Glass Co. ca. 1890. It is a very difficult pattern to find. 
Let's hope you have a
lid. $88
DIAMOND POINT LOOP is very Victorian & one of the few EAPG patterns made in apple green.  The maker is unknown but it is dated ca. 1880s. $55 STAR & CRESCENT is a
True Open sugar... it never
took a lid.  A bright, pretty pattern w/ 2 handles
by the U S Glass Co.
ca. 1908. $34
FLOWER & BUD aka Blooms
& Blossoms aka Mikado was made by Northwood
ca. 1907.  It has retained
good paint and stain decor.
Has a chip on the base
seen HERE. $65
This is a huge sugar base!
It is the buttermilk style;
4" ID and 4 3/8" OD.  Made
by Bryce Walker ca. 1875. 
maker unknown
in 1870s. Buttermilk style - 5" tall &  4" OD at top. 
by McKee ca. 1870s.  It is
4" OD & 3 3/4" ID at
the top.  $55
CERES aka Cameo aka Medallion by Atterbury ca. 1870.  Top is 4 3/8" outside diameter.  $38 DOUBLE DAISY aka
Rosette Band by Riverside
Glass Works ca. 1893. 
Maker unknown prob. 1860s. Has a wafer connection at the top of the stem.  $45
was Central Glass Co's
Pattern #650 ca. 1870s.  It
took a 3 3/4" lid.  $45
ELLROSE aka Amberette aka Daisy & Button Panelled
by Geo. Duncan & Sons
ca. 1892. $65
Riverside Glass Works'
pattern #492. $55
FLOWER & QUILL aka Pretty Band aka Athens is a square pattern by McKee Glass Co.
ca. 1900.   $45
plain pattern with an
elaborate etched design
of fruits and vegetables. $55
We have a matching spooner.
unusual product of Hobbs
Brockunier ca. 1878.
FROSTED STORK or Crane is a coveted pattern made by the Crystal Glass Co. of Bridgeport OH ca. 1880s.  Photos of the 3 scenes are included below.  This is a great pattern to have even if you don't have a lid. $145
FROSTED LION was made by Gillinder & Sons ca. 1877 to celebrate America's Centennial
and some think that the Lion was used in this pattern of many forms to tweak the Brits for having been thrown off 100 years earlier.  The base is 'collared' & $65
FERNLAND pattern is Cambridge #2635 ca. 1920s. "Near Cut" is pressed into the base. Three top edge points
have small flakes on them.
KLONDYKE aka Fluted Scrolls by Northwood is
clear opalescent. It is from ca. 1897 & is 4" tall and takes a
3 5/8" OD lid. See also HERE.
and HERE. $45
GRAND aka Diamond Medallion was made by Bryce Higbee ca. 1880s. This
is the very fancy form of the pattern. It is 5 1/2' wide at
the top & 5 1/2" tall. $47
Carnelian in vaseline
opalescent by Northwood, Wheeling ca. 1903. It has one very teeny flat flake on the base rim seen HERE. $75
GARFIELD DRAPE aka Canadian Drape aka Festoon
by Adams Glass Co. ca. 1800s.
Center Medallion
aka Lily Ware aka Lacy Valance
A Riverside Glass Works
pattern ca. 1880s. Engraved.
GOOSEBERRY pattern was made by La Belle Glass Co.
ca. 1870s in milk glass. 
It has 2 cute handles. $35
LEAF & DART pattern's sugar is like a 'buttermilk' goblet.  By Richards & Hartley ca. 1875 in non-flint. We have 4 @  $45 each. JASPER aka Late Buckle is
a Bryce Bros pattern ca.
1880.  It has a bruise on one top scallop seen HERE. $45
by John Higbee Glass Co. ca 1913. It has a good HIGbee signature in the base.  $55
The maker of HEART STEM  pattern is unknown to the glass world but it is dated 1890.
HUMMINGBIRD aka Flying Robin aka Bird & Fern's maker is unknown but the pattern is dated ca. 1880s.  $55
Waterlily & Cat Tails was
made by Northwood ca. 1905.
This is 4" wide and 4" tall.
It could be a spooner or an open sugar. $38

This LACY GLASS pattern is California by Boston Sandwich Glass Co. & Pittsburgh Glass Companies ca. the 1840s.  It is shown in Barlow & Kaiser & in Innes'
Pittsburgh Glass book. It is also pictured in Lee's
Sandwich book, plate 158. It has 3 base chips seen
HERE and a chip on one top corner. $175

DAHLIA by Co-Op Flint
Glass Co. ca. 1885.  It has a flake on the top rim & some roughness inside rim where lid would fit.  $38
SHEAF & DIAMOND aka Diamond w/ Double Fans aka Banded Stalks by Bryce, Higbee & Co 1899 & J. B.
Higbee 1907.  $32
Northwood's pattern
ca. 1902. Excellent gold
and enamel decor. $68
LIBERTY BELL is another Adams' Glass Co. Centennial pattern 1875. Original issue. 
This is a biggie!   $65
MAINE as we know, was made by the U S Glass Co. to honor
the Pine Tree State ca. 1899.
is a great pattern by
Hobbs, Brockunier & Co.
ca. 1871. In milk glass $56.
NARCISSUS SPRAY was made by Indiana Glass Co.
ca. 1917.  It has a vestige of
gold in the deep design
sections & we have one with no gold HERE.  Each are  $32
GRAND aka Diamond Medallion by Bryce - Higbee ca. 1880s.  This is the fancy version of the pattern.
WHEEL & COMMA was made by Aetna Glass & Mfg Co. ca. 1881.  It has very fancy engraving seen HERE close.
See the ends of the handle 'commas' HERE.  $45
MANHATTAN aka New York by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1902.  This is a rare table size
sugar bowl. The lid would
fit inside 4 1/8".  $55
THREE FACE aka The Sisters. Original issue by Duncan No. 400.  See close up photo of Sister's face HERE.  $135 SUNFLOWER aka Lily
by Atterbury & Co.
ca. 1872. $55
Wheel aka Lucile was made
by Indiana Glass co. ca. 1910. 
I just added it so you could
see what a 'True Open' sugar (one that never took a lid)
looks like.   $55
BEARDED MAN (an obvious
case of gender confusion) in
rare color.  There is only a
tiny flake on one handle.
LaBelle Glass Co. ca. 1879
aka Modern Ware made by McKee Glass Co. made ca. 1880. It is a very Victorian pattern & we have several other pieces  in stock.
STIPPLED STAR was also made by Gillinder & Sons - they liked patriotic themes - ca. 1870. Believe it or not, it took a lid. $55 SWAN MID GREENERY
is an unusual pattern in
we have never found it in
clear glass and the colors
are all 'milky'.  This has a
couple of base flakes.  $65
I know this looks like a
rose bowl but it originally
took a lid.  Made by
Bakewell & Pears ca. 1850s
it has discolored some.  **SOLD**
THREE KNOB is the ever-popular Adams Glass pattern  ca. 1885.
We have these in amber $45, clear $45 & blue $65.
We have a lot of this pattern in stock.
THOUSAND EYE by Richards & Hartley is a totally different pattern from the Adams pattern by the same name.  It has no 'knobs', the bases are scalloped, & it is MUCH harder to find. **SOLD**
TWO PANEL is another Richards & Hartley pattern &
it came in several colors.  This
is their vaseline, the hardest color to find.  ca. 1889.
TREE STUMP is a kooky pattern with log type handles & a scalloped base.  The maker & dates are unknown, but 1880s would be a good guess.  You can read about this pattern HERE. $55 WHEAT & BARLEY aka
DUQUESNE was made by
Bryce Bros ca. 1880s. A
VERY Victorian design! $38
RIBBON CANDY aka Figure Eight is a fun Bryce Bros.
pattern ca. 1880s. It is 5" tall and takes about a 3 1/4" OD lid.
SUNK HONEYCOMB aka Corona was made by Greensburg Glass Co. ca. 1893.
This ruby stained piece is fabulous! $48
QUARTERED BLOCK is a very scarce pattern by Hobbs, Brockunier. It is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" at the top. See from the top HERE. $58
a rare pattern in any form. 
This chocolate glass sugar bowl
is missing its lid but is otherwise
in great shape. $185
OPEN ROSE aka Moss
Rose was made ca. 1870s by
a maker unknown at this
time.  It is a 'buttermilk'
style with a very deep impression. $59
No, its not a rose bowl.  It is the open sugar in Riverside's
1899 pattern called X RAY
The amethyst color is to die
for... If you have the lid for it,
you are in LUCK!  $75
VICTORIA, Fostoria's
pattern #183.  It has a couple of flakes on the base as well as the word "PATD" pressed into the base, seen HERE**SOLD**

FROSTED EAGLE by Crystal Glass Co. ca. 1883 is missing its Eagle finial lid. It has one small flake under one handle seen HERE. See the good handle HERE. $42

Imperial #292 made
ca. 1912. It is 3 1/2" tall
and 4" diameter at the top.  $36.

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