Early Flint Sugar Bowls for Sale
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Note how many glass houses made these sugar bowl patterns
besides the Boston Sandwich Glass Co..   One of the great myths
of antique glass is that it is all "Sandwich Glass".
Don't let the number of flint sugar bowls lead you to believe
that they are easy to find. We've spent a long time
accumulating these 150+ year old scarce sugar bowls.

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RIBBED IVY - A classic Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. pattern.  We have just the base, no lid. The top of the base has small chips on 2 of the top
scallops, seen HERE.

a very hard piece to find by New England Glass Co. ca. 1850s. It has
the low foot. See view HERE.
BIGLER, Grooved, Flared by Boston Sandwich ca. 1850s - 60s.
Large Base chip. $115
DIAMOND POINT aka STEPPED DIAMOND POINT probably New England Glass Co. ca. 1850s. There is some mold roughness on top of the edge
of the rim but no damage. $115
EUREKA  is an early McKee pattern and exceptionally difficult to photograph.
So here are 2 feeble attempts to show the pattern. It was made ca. 1866
It has a tiny rim flake that didn't even show up in photos. $75
We call this Pre EXCELSIOR. It is not named but pictured in Revi & others in
a very early catalog. Made in the 1850s - lid sits down into the base. $155
FAIRFAX  STRAWBERRY aka Early Strawberry
This is flint milk glass with a 'strawberry' for the finial. It is quite rare.
Bryce Walker made the pattern ca. 1870... just 5 years after
the end of the terrible war that divided our Country.  $195
was made ca. 1860s but we are not
now knowing by whom.
We have 2 of these @ $55 each.
HAMILTON pattern was made
by the Cape Cod Glass Co. ca. 1860s.
We have 2 of these.  One has a flake on the top inside edge & is 'as is' $55.
  The other is damage free & $75.
FLUTE variant, maker and dates uncertain.
There is a small chip on one of the corners on top of the base. $95
The maker of the flint GOTHIC
pattern has not been determined
but it is thought to be from the 1860s.
It has a chip on the lower outside
edge of the lid seen HERE. $155
HUBER aka Cape Cod #22
is probably a product of the New
England Glass Co. ca. 1860s.
It has the well known
'vintage grape' engraving. $155
by the Portland Glass Co. ca 1869.
It is lighter weight flint and
rings like a chime.   $95
heavy flint pattern made by the
Union Glass Co. ca. 1860s.
Very handsome! **SOLD**
FOUR PETAL is the name of this 1850s pattern made by McKee Bros. Glass Co.. This pattern was only made in the sugar bowl and the creamer. 
It has the 'pagoda' type lid, is a heavy piece of flint & absolutely flawless. $95
HEART & WAFFLE is this pattern name but the only other form documented in this pattern is a lamp.  The maker is possibly Sandwich ca. 1850s.
It is a very large and heavy piece of glass!
It has no damage. $95
is a product of Bakewell Pears
in the 1850s according to
Metz I. This is a very heavy
piece of flint glass with 'thumbprints' in the base.  $65
BABY THUMBPRINT is a Bakewell Pears pattern from  ca. 1850s.
It is 4" in diameter at the top of the
bowl.   There is some roughness at the
lower edge of the lid.  $135

POWDER & SHOT is traditionally thought to have been made by
the Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1870s.
The clear covered sugar has a metal finial. That's right; it is a "make do".
How they got it accomplished is an art unto itself. $65
We have another POWDER & SHOT cov'd sugar with an
undamaged original finial. $125
The pattern is not reported to have been made in milk glass so
the 'open' sugar on the right is a rarity. $185
This may not be American but it is really early flint glass,
probably from the 1840s.
The painted and gilded decor is exquisite.
It is not for sale but we wanted to share it in this Store.
PRISM WITH DIAMOND POINTS, Early made by Boston Sandwich ca. 1860s.
Shown in Kamm 3:28 & Lee 123       $85
RIBBED PALM is a well known flint pattern made by McKee in a long line
of forms ca. 1863.  We have 3 of these undamaged at $75 each.
SAWTOOTH was a very popular design with early glass makers.  This very heavy flint sugar is missing its lid & was made by Boston Sandwich ca. 1850s.  $76

WAFFLE is the name of this Boston Sandwich pattern they made ca. 1850s.
Now listen; this is a great sugar bowl but it has 2 genuine chips on the top edge.
Besides circling them in the 2nd photo, I've included close ups
of them HERE & HERE.  The base is fine, despite how it looks in the photos.
AS IS $55

Lincoln Drape was an EAPG flint pattern made by the
Boston Sandwich Glass Co. in memory of President
Abraham Lincoln in the 1860s after he was assassinated. 
Also we have a flint sugar bowl without lid. It has a chip
on the cable rim seen HERE.  Lucky you if you have the lid! $125

See also our LINCOLN DRAPE WITH TASSEL a rare goblet
and a great find!  View from the side seen HERE. $675

SMOCKING aka Divided Diamonds, maker unknown ca 1850s.
Minimal mold roughness, done in the making, on points. $135
We have a matching creamer in Creamer Store HERE.

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