Gift giving is a joy. 
This year why not give an
instant family heirloom!
Yes, everyone loves your home made fruitcake and picture frames, but didn't you do that last year?
     This year why not decide to honor your giftee with a genuine piece of 100 year old American antique glass that will not only be a practical, treasured keepsake, but an investment as well.
      As a service to you, the giver, if you include a card to your giftee with your payment, we will send your card with the gift & put a bow on your gift.
From $35 Spooners are handy in the kitchrn & on the table
so that spoons are easy to find.
 Celery Vases are unique vessels that hold flowers
    (or even forks) too.
    From $35

  Give a 100 year old Spoon Rest for guests by the coffee server.  From $25    Nappies (Victorian
   nut dishes) are useful for all occasions. 
 From $32

Victorians called these  Relish Dishes.  We use   them for anything. 
 From $24

  Jam Stands are always
a great way to show your  love or thanks.
 From $32
If none of these tickle your fancy, check out
lots of other items in our Pattern Glass Store!
   And don't forget to get something
for yourself!
Remember Antique gifts are the
ultimate in recycling!