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All are Early American Pattern Glass cake stands made between 1850 & 1910 and are available from

On the right is a 'stack' of our Shell & Tassel pattern cake stands available below on this page. 
A limited number of patterns were made in
sizes that permit creating such a stack. 
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Damage, if any, to these cake stands will be mentioned in the listing.
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GAELIC is Indiana Glass #168 made ca. 1913.
It is a pretty cake stand.... 10 3/4" in diameter and 4 3/4" tall. $49
NEW JERSEY is of course a States' pattern by the U S Glass Co. ca. 1900.
This is actually called the "Fruit Bowl" by its maker but pieces of cake could be served on it!
It is a gorgeous form of this pattern... 9 1/2" in diameter & 5" tall. **SOLD**

This is one huge and glorious cake stand!  The pattern is MINERVA
aka Roman Medallion - the images of which are in the design's
three inner circles & shown above.  Adams & Co. made this pattern in 1881-1885.
The diameter at the top is 10 3/4" and it is 7" tall. $245
MEDALLION SUNBURST is the product of Higbee - we are uncertain of which
Higbee company. The pattern was made ca. 1905.
This shiny stand is 9 3/4" in diameter at the scalloped, upturned icing lip.
See another view of it HERE. It is 4 1/2" tall. $55

This is the majestic pattern, WASHINGTON CENTENNIAL
created by Gillinder & Sons ca. 1876 as another of their many efforts to
draw attention to and celebrate America's 100th year as a sovereign nation.
It is 10" in diameter, has an icing lip.  $95
SHELL & TASSEL is Duncan's pattern #155 made
ca. 1880s. It is 10" square & totally flat to accommodate a larger cake
or lots of cup cakes. The height is 6 1/2".  $350

MASCOTTE aka Minor Block aka Dominion is a Ripley & Co. creation
ca. 1884. This cake or fruit handled basket is 9 1/2" in diameter
and 6 1/2" tall. It has beautifully engraved leaves around
the clear section above the 'blocks'. $165

MEDALLION aka Hearts & Spades - a very Victorian design
possibly made the the U S Glass Co. although the pattern
maker has not been proven. It is 11" in diameter & 6 1/2" tall,
a very stately centerpiece in beautiful 'old gold' color. $195
FLEUR D LIS & DRAPE - one of the heavier type patterns and here it is
in the 9 1/4" diameter size. It has an icing lip and is 6" tall.
U S Glass Co. made this beauty ca. 1892. $95
made by the U S Glass Company ca. 1903 to honor both
North Carolina & South Carolina. 
It is 9 1/4" in diameter and 4 3/4" tall. $55
We have another cake stand that is 10  3/4" in diameter for $65.
See photos of it HERE and HERE.
These two stands could be stacked for an elegant display.

JENNY LIND was said to be the inspiration for these wonderful
compotes made by Challinor Taylor ca. 1889.... 2 years after the death
of the Swedish Songbird. She appears to be lifting her voice in song
as she is portrayed in the standard of the pieces. They are 8 1/2" in
diameter at the top edge and 7 1/2" tall. The leaf design shown on
the base of the amber one shows only on the inside of the base on
the one made from milk glass. Amber is $175 & Milk Glass is $115.

The pattern of this pretty banana stand is AMAZON aka SAWTOOTH BAND.
The 'plate' part of the top is 8 1/2" long and 5 1/2" wide.  The piece
stands 7 1/2" tall. There is one point chipped at the top but is hard
to see with all the other points.  It was made by Bryce Bros ca. 1880s.
Think of that.....   $85

Here is a unique cake plate - just perfect for a small wedding!
The pattern is CUPID & VENUS aka GUARDIAN ANGEL & it is
quite rare in color.  Measuring 10 1/2" in diameter, it has the two little 'tab' handles.  Richards & Hartley were the makers in 1875.  You can see a close-up photo of the center figures by clicking HERE.
What all do you suppose was served on it way back then? $275

Seldom have I had less photographic success than when trying to get
a good photo of this cake stand! It is a darling stand, a typically plain
COLONIAL pattern, this one made by J. B. Higbee ca. 1910.
It is 9" in diameter and it is one of only a very few pattern glass cake
stands that is 'signed'. The Higbee "Bee" in molded into the center .
The outer edge is turned up slightly to hold the frosting on. $75.
Not shown & without the 'bee', we also have its little sister,
6 1/2" diameter, sometimes called a 'toy cake stand' for $65.

AZTEC SUNBURST aka McKee's Sunburst pattern was made
by the famous McKee Bros. Glass Co. ca. 1910. It is 9 1/2" diameter and stands 4" high. The outer rim is turned up to form an icing lip. $73

While this is not a banana 'stand' it does hold bananas
perfectly. Ant it is the very popular HEART WITH THUMBPRINT
pattern by Tarentum Glass Co made ca. 1898.
This piece is 11 1/4" x 6 1/4" at the top opening and it is 4" high.
TWIN TEARDROPS aka Anona a banana stand brought to you
by Higbee ca. 1907. The part that holds the bananas is 5" across and 9 5/2" wide. The stand overall is 7 1/2" tall. $78

This pattern is the 'fancy dancy' CORD DRAPERY aka Indiana Tumbler #350. Made in their factory in Greentown ca. 1890, it oozes Victorian design.
It is 10" in diameter and unfortunately it has several chips around the top edge, seen HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE. They really are not that obvious without close scrutiny but we need to point them out.
There is no damage to the base.
The chips lead to a half price value of $75.
HAWAIIAN LEI aka GALA pattern is a special pattern made by the John Higbee Glass Co. ca. 1913. This cake stand is 9 1/4" in diameter and has the scarce company signature of an HIG Bee in the center. It has an uneven icing rim for some reason and it shows scratching from an unwise attempt to clean it with perhaps steel wool. It is appropriately devalued to $65 for that reason.
This is one rare cake stand! In fact the whole pattern is scarce.
The pattern is MAGNOLIA and it is decorated with molded magnolia
flowers circling the center. Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton Glass Co.
made this magnificent pattern ca. 1891. This stand is 9 /4" diameter
& it is 6 1/4" high with an icing lip. $110
REXFORD aka EUCLID aka ALFA is another John H. Higbee pattern made
ca. 1908. We have 3 sizes that create a magnificent stack.
The "top of the stack" in this photo is the tiny 6" stand which is 3 1/4" tall.
It is no longer for sale with this stack.  
The second one down is 9" in diameter & 5" tall.
The 3rd one down is 10" in diameter and 4 1/2" high
& the bottom one is one of the largest EAPG cake stands made at
11 3/4" in diameter & 5 1/4" high.
The stack of 3 stands is $175.

This cake stand features a collection of four flowers
gathered around the center.
It is Indiana Dunkirk's CREOLE pattern #168 made ca. 1915.
It is heavy glass, 9 1/2" in diameter & 4" tall. $65

At about 8:00 in the circle.
#9 on Page 59.
SAWTOOTH, EARLY is one of the earliest patterns made into cake stands.
The maker was the New England Glass Co. ca. 1860s. That would be during
or just after the Civil War! Think of the cakes that have celebrated birthdays
on this piece of glass! It is 11" in diameter with turned up points forming an intermittent icing lip & it has a wafer connection. **SOLD**
Here is the creme de la creme in cake stands.
It doesn't get any classier than this pattern or any more rare than this stack.
SHELL & TASSEL aka SHELL & SPIKE is a premier pattern by
Geo. Duncan & Sons of Pittsburgh made during the 1880s.
The top of this stack is very rare at 7 1/2" square; the middle stand
is 9" square and the lower stand is 10" square.
The stack of three stands is $750.
The famous Bakewell Pears Glass Co. made this FLINT
cake stand in their THUMBPRINT aka BABY THUMBPRINT aka ARGUS
pattern in the 1850s.... that would be before! the Civil War!
What sort of cake do you think it first held?
It is quite heavy but only 8" in diameter with turned up scalloped
outer edges... and no damage after all these years! $175

This pattern is a variation of SCALLOPED SWIRL.
We've not been able to find the maker but it appears to be from the 1890s.
The dish part of the stand is 9 1/4" long and the stand is 7 1/4" high.
It holds several good sized bananas! $85
This is a Hobstar aka Omnibus aka Keystone pattern cake stand or
doughnut stand as these smaller stands are sometimes called.
Some also collect them as 'toy cake stands".
Made by U S Glass Co. ca. 1910, it is a 7 1/4" in diameter &
only 4" tall. These smaller stands are sought after to stack
on top of larger plates of a different pattern. $55

EYEWINKER aka WINKING EYE What a great pattern!
Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton made it ca. 1885.
This is a banana dish. It is 5 3/4” x 9 1/2” and 3” high at side.
It has a flat chip on an end side ball at top.
There is a photo of it HERE but it can’t be seen very well because it is so shallow.
Of course it can be used for other food, $75
Below is a similar form with higher sides.  It is 8 1/4" long and 6" wide. $95

PRISCILLA aka ALEXIS aka SUN & STAR is a full line pattern
made by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton during the 1880s.
This is a 'short stack' of two stands in the same pattern but different sizes.
The larger one is 9 1/2" in diameter and 5 3/4" tall and the smaller one is only 6 1/4" in diameter and 4" tall. The larger one has the only damage in the set and it is a chip on one of the turned up perimeter points seen HERE.
Note the interesting twisted standard on the 'top of the stack'.
Both stands together are $135.

These prices do not include shipping & insurance costs. 
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