Early American Flint Forms
we call "ETC" --- for Sale
Candle Holders, Lamps, Honey Dishes & More
Let's review the eras of American pressed glass:
Lacy Period 1825 - 1845
Flint Period ca. 1845 - 1865
Non-flint Period ca. 1865 - 1910
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Flint Miscellaneous Serving Pieces are HERE.
A tall McKee candle
holder seen in an 1850s catalog at Left.   It is a rare
10" tall beauty made in 3 sections. It took a metal insert at the top to hold the candle.   $115
This is a 7" tall Lacy candlestick. It is heavy flint; Pictured in Lee Sandwich glass Bk Plate 181; see HERE.
From Period 1830-1835.
See a close-up of the top HERE. and a close-up of the top HERE.
As perfect as Lacy Glass gets after nearly 200 years!


All we know to call this fine blown piece is "Bohemian". It seems like a cruet, but who knows....
The overall height w/ stopper is 9 1/4".
See the rough pontil in the base HERE. $57
Okay, this is not American but it is a form of early blown flint from across the pond. The English made a terrible tasting drink to serve in it & it may be as early as 1750s. It is 2 5/8a' diameter at the top and 4 1/4" tall & it has a rough pontil. $64
Here are two mid 19th c. flint wine coasters. They are heavy & have the inner base rim to accommodate a bottle of your favorite vintage libation.
The "Fan & Diamond" pattern (left) will accept a bottle nearly 4" in diameter.
The "Prism" patterned one (right) will accept a bottle up to 3 3/4" in diameter.
They are $68 each.
A rare flint THUMBPRINT
Cake Stand by Bakewell Pears ca. 1850s.  It is 8" in diameter & has turned up scalloped edges.  There is wear on the top surface. $175
TULIP aka Plain Tulip
is a Boston Sandwich pattern ca. 1850s. This little 7 1/4" tall bottle or 1 gill bar lip decanter came to us with a 'barber bottle' cork & metal stopper. No telling what covered it originally.   $75
This OVERSHOT aka Tree of Life Cranberry Plate for oysters or shrimp
cocktail is possibly a product of the Portland Glass Co. in the mid 1870s.
It could also be foreign made. We have been unable to attribute it.
It measures 10 1/4" wide and 12" long.
There is a slit from done 'in the making' in the bottom of one of the 'wells'
seen HERE.   $625

One of the few patterns of oil lamps pressed during the 1860s,
with the pattern INSIDE the font so that the outside is smooth.
They look alike at first glance. But a closer study shows:
On the LEFT: It is flint, weighs 2 pounds, 13 ounces, is 8 5/8" tall to
the top of the glass, has a 14" diameter font, 16 scallops in the base.  
It also has a chip under the base, seen HERE.  $185
On the RIGHT: It is non-flint, weighs 1 pound 14 ounces, is 8 3/4" tall to the top of the glass, has a 16" diameter font, 8 scallops in the base.
It has a cable design under outside edge of base seen HERE. $175
They do both have the same design and a wafer connection!
Thuro I inaccurately states that, "All of the lamps in this category
appear to be of glass with a lead content."

BELLFLOWER Stand lamp is flint with the single vine/fine rib design.  Made by Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1860s, it is 8" to the top of the metal, a wafer connection and an all glass base. **SOLD** BULLSEYE & FLEUR D LYS
is another Boston Sandwich Glass Co. stand lamp ca. 1850. It is 10" tall to the top of the metal with a metal stem and a marble base.
HORN OF PLENTY aka COMET aka PEACOCK TAIL by Boston Sandwich
Glass Co. ca. 1830s!  This is a very scarce flint stand lamp, 10 1/4" tall to
top of metal. There are several chips on the base seen HERE & HERE &
a wafer connection. **SOLD**
This is actually a miniature (4" tall) lamp with the handle broken off. By Boston Sandwich ca. 1860s. $55
This clear Overshot flint bowl is 4 1/2" OD at the top & 3" tall.  The top is ground & the blue glass plume piece is applied. The blemish at the top can't be felt on the inside.
a $45 bargain!
Double Egg Cup By Boston Sandwich
ca. 1850s.  It is 4 5/8" tall. $75
CUT FLINT Thumbprints perfume bottle is 4 1/4" tall.  Stopper is probably not original but it fits.  The maker is unknown to us but most likely from the 1860s.  See another VIEW.  $72 This 3 ring neck bottle has thin cut panels around the base and all of the neck.  It is flint w/ a ground pontil & the stopper is probably not original but it fits. 
Another VIEW  $65

PANELED OVALS Variant Perfume or scent flint bottle is 4 1/2" tall sans stopper. It is pictured in Lee's Sandwich book pl. 206.  Stopper may not be original but it fits.  See another VIEW.  $85

     These are the equivalent of non-flint Sauce or Berry dishes in later years.  The 1868 McKee & Brothers catalog calls them 'nappys'. In fact all flat (& some footed) bowls were called nappys originally by some glass companies.
      We call them honey dishes, but we actually have no idea what these little dishes were used for in 1850.  They can have all sorts of uses now & they
make great 150 year old gifts for all occasions.
     About the attributions.... we have taken the best information we have available as to the makers & dates of these. If you have better information and would share it with us, it would be very much appreciated. We know new & better information is uncovered as time goes on.
A note about the condition of these little pieces.  If you are looking for perfect glass from the 1850s, you're about 160 years too late.  These were probably used for 70 or 80 years, then stacked and stored for 70 or 80 years and virtually none of them are 'perfect'.  Many are undamaged, but it would be a stretch to say that they were 'perfect' even when they were made.
BELLFLOWER a Boston Sandwich pattern ca. 1860s.
We have two  3 1/2" diameter dishes for $35 each and nine 4" diameter dishes for $34 each. All are single vine/ fine rib design and flat.
BLAZE by the New England Glass Co. ca. 1869.  $35
ASHBURTON nappies or honey dishes are all flint and none of the set of 8 have any damage! Here's a side VIEW & another VIEW.  Set of 8 is $125
New England Glass Co.
ca. 1850s.  It is 4" in diameter & the outside edge is rough.  $26
Maker unknown ca. 1860s. 4 1/4" diameter.
We have 3 @ $28 each.
By Boston Sandwich
ca. 1850s. 4" diameter.
Outside edges rough.
By the Cape Cod Glass Co. ca. 1860s. 4" diameter. We have 8. Four have minor damage at top edge $25 each. Four are undamaged $35 each.
HORN OF PLENTY aka Comet aka Peacock Tail
by Boston Sandwich ca. 1830s & 40s.
We have 6 of these 5 1/4" diameter
dishes @ $35 each.
We also have two 4 1/2" diameter
dishes @ $32 each.
LOOP & DART in very rare milk glass which is
not described in the literature, except in an
article about this very piece. 
It is 4" in diameter & may have been made by
Boston Sandwich or Richards & Hartley
ca. 1870s.  $95
PRESSED LEAF aka NPL (New Pressed Leaf) it
was new in 1867!  By McKee Bros.  4"
diameter. Small rim ding.  $25

SHARP DIAMOND aka Sharp Diamond Point. Ten pointed star in the center. This one is 3 5/8” diam.; 1 1/8” deep. 

MORNING GLORY is one of the premier
flint patterns in all of EAPG. At 3 1/2" in diameter, they are typical honey dish size. We have one
that is 'as is' with a crack for $35 and two
that are 3 1/2" in diameter without
damage for $115 each.
PRISM by a maker we don't know ca. 1860s. 
It is 3 3/4" in diameter.  $35
maker & dates unknown. 4 1/4" diameter.
One only $38
ROMAN KEY, Frosted a product of the Union Glass
Co. ca. 1860s.  4" in diam.  We have 3, each with a fleabite or two on their  top rim, @ $38 each.
A well known McKee
Bros. pattern ca. 1863.
Four undamaged
We have 2 with minor damage @ $18 each.
TREE OF LIFE probably
Portland Glass Co. ca. 1860s. We have two
of these very early Portland pieces, 1860s,
that are 5 3/8" in diameter. They are very
shallow bowls (see side view) and rather
crudely made - do not appear to have been molded. $55 each.
(not positive of pattern or maker) Ca. 1850s.
3 3/8" in diameter.
THUMBPRINT, BABY aka Argus by Bakewell, Pears ca. 1850s.  We have eight
4 1/4" diameter & two
3 3/4" diameter
@ $32 each.
Boston Sandwich ca.
1850s.  It is 4" in
diameter.  $35
      The little dishes below are transitional designs between the Lacy Glass Period and the Flint Period patterns & probably were not named or made in a full pattern line.  Since no one we know of has named them, we've called them by their design.   You'll notice that some have a Lee/Rose number indicating that they have been identified/ described by the authors of American Glass Cup Plates by Ruth Webb Lee & James H. Rose.
      Expectations of finding these 1840s & '50s little gems undamaged is not only unrealistic, some dings or roughness is almost a sine qua non of genuine glass of this vintage.
with a scalloped edge. 
4 1/8" diameter & a 'sunburst' in the base.
We have 3 @ $25 each.
INVERTED HEARTS made by the MT. Washington Glass Works  ca. 1860s.
4" diameter. We have 3
@ $35 each.
4 1/4" diameter & deep.
Sunburst in base
One only $25.
4 1/4" diameter. Similar to Lee/Rose #525. 13 'petals' in the base. There is a 'step' design around the perimeter outside the base & top edge. We have 3 @ $25 each & one with some larger chips for $10.

This dish is similar to the Lee/ Rose #511
& 506 and Barlow Kaiser #1128.
4" diameter. We have 2 @ $28 each.

ROMAN ROSETTE aka Diamond Rosette
made by Boston Sandwich ca. 1835 - 1850.
These are 5" in diameter, 7/8" high and pictured in the Barlow Sandwich book. We have 7 of these @ $42 each.
RAYED   The maker of these 4" dishes is said
to be Boston Sandwich
ca. 1850s.  We have a
set of 5 of these
@ $28 each.
A little different shape to this one. 4" diameter.
One only $ 28
4 1/4" diam. Sixty one scallops around the
edge & actually undamaged. $35
These prices do not include the cost of
shipping & insurance.