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All of these are undamaged & non-flint unless otherwise noted.
INDIANA aka Prison Windows, the U S Glass Co's pattern #15029.
The gold decor is probably as good as it was the day it was applied to this piece.
KANSAS aka Jewel & (with) Dewdrop is the U S Glass Co. States' Series pattern, honoring the Sunflower State, ca. 1901.  It has a shallow chip on the base edge seen HERE.
LEAF or Maple Leaf is a
pattern made by Dugan
ca. 1907 only in custard and some opalescent. Clear pieces such as this covered
butter dish were made from a new mold by
L G Wright ca. 1972.
Left: LACE BAND is Imperial #4 pattern ca. 1904
Beautifully etched.
See 2 pieces HERE. $42

Right: LIBERTY BELL aka Centennial at right was made by Adams Glass co. ca. 1875.  It has a little liberty bell shaped finial & a small chip on the base flange. See the lid & base HERE $98
LION HEAD is one of Gillinder & Sons' famous patterns made for America's Centennial ca. 1870s celebrating our Country's freedom from the Lion of Britain.
It has one speck of undissolved
sand near the base of the bowl,
see HERE.  $75
by the Columbian Glass Co.
ca. 1887.     $62
LOOP & JEWEL aka Jewel & Festoon aka Queen's Necklace  is an Indiana Dunkirk creation ca. 1903. 
Beautiful domed lid! 
LORNE is a stand alone butter or honey dish by Bryce Bros. ca. 1880s.  Of all those beads around the edge, only one is chipped. An fun shape for an EAPG butter dish that can be used to serve many purposes.  $55
MANILA aka Wreath & Shell is a spectacular pattern by National's Albany Glass Co. ca. 1900.  This butter dish in vaseline opalescent
is a treasure.  $285
was created ca. 1897. It was originally made only in custard & a few forms in opalescent.  Clear pieces were made from a new
mold by L. G. Wright ca. 1972.

MAPLE LEAF aka Concordia aka Canadian Maple Leaf is from the 1880s but the maker's identity has not been discovered for sure.  It is shown in Unitt's Canadian Handbook as a butter dish but it is large enough to be a cheese dish.
There are a couple of nics on the leaves in the base and it is a handsome piece of glass!  $125
MARYLAND aka Inverted Loop
& Fan was made to honor the
Old Line State by the U S Glass
Co. ca. 1897.  This rare high standard form of the butter dish might also pass for a sweetmeat.
A really classy piece of glass!

MASCOTTE aka Minor Block aka Dominion was made by Ripley & Co. ca. 1884.  It is exquisitely engraved with a leafy wreath around the domed lid.

MAUDE S is the odd name for this rare butter dish shaped like a horseshoe.  Was Maude a race horse?  It has a small chip under
 the edge of one of the back base extensions, seen HERE.  There are some fleabites on the edges that were probably from in the making.
MELROSE aka Diamond Beaded Band - here's my favorite pattern again.  Greensburg & New Martinsville & McKee all made the pattern.  There are several small boo boos on the base edge,
seen HERE. $72
MICHIGAN aka Panelled Jewel
aka Loop & Pillar aka Desplaines is the U S Glass Co. States' Series pattern celebrating the Great Lakes State, made ca. 1902.  A jeweled design adorns the domed lid.
  I kid you not...... the gold on this butter dish is spectacular!  It looks sort of garish here but it is simply beautiful.
a pretty pattern byIndiana Glass Co. ca. 1906. It has no damage & is $38.
We also have a goblet & a water pitcher in this pattern.

This is OPEN ROSE aka Moss Rose, a gorgeous pattern with roses and leaves abounding.
According to Metz, this pattern was made in 2 types, "normal impression"
and "extremely heavy".  This is very obviously the latter.
The underside of the base of this butter dish has an astonishingly heavily molded
bouquet shown in the 3rd photo. The maker of this pattern has not been
established with certainty, but is from the 1870s.  $115
PADDLE WHEEL aka Fernwheel
is a pattern with some pretty shapes.  Westmoreland Specialty Co. was its maker ca. 1905. 
PANELLED FORGET ME NOT aka Regal was made by Bryce Bros ca. 1880s in an extensive pattern line. 
This butter dish has a chip
on the base seen HERE.

PANELLED HEATHER is a pretty pattern by Indiana Dunkirk,
their #26 from ca. 1911... a very
good year for little girls born
in Oklahoma. 
an exquisite 1908
Northwood pattern
with an abundance of gold. 
It is signed with the underlined "N" in a circle
& is in pristine condition.  See another view HERE.
PENNSYLVANIA aka Balder was made by the U S Glass Co. in their States' Series honoring the
Keystone State.  This is the table size butter dish.  It has a vestige of gold remaining on both the base & lid. There is a 1" internal slag near the base of the lid seen HERE.  The glass surface is not broken inside
or out by the slag.  $65
PICKET FENCE aka London pattern is notoriously soft glass & prone to chips but this dish is without damage.  It is the form with angled corners.
PLEAT BAND is a product of the
Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co./
Greentown ca. 1897.  There is a 3/4" area
of underfill on the base top near a handle, see HERE.  This is a difficult piece of this pattern to find in this undamaged condition. **SOLD**
PORTLAND aka U S Portland was made by U S Glass Co., their pattern #15121 ca. 1910.  A classy pattern with the big dome lid.  There is a teeny flake under the outer edge of the base seen HERE.  $85

On the left is the POINTED JEWEL aka Long Diamond aka Spearpoint, a Columbia Glass Co. product ca. 1888. **SOLD**

VALENCIA WAFFLE is Adams' Glass Co. pattern #85 made ca. 1880s. Since it is square, it could be a honey dish. $95

PRESSED PRISM is a heavy FLINT pattern made by the Boston Sandwich Glass Co. ca. 1840-60.  The pattern is pictured in Barlow Kaiser as #1180. $155

PURITAN Pattern was made by the Tarentum Glass Co. ca. 1910. This is a gorgeous ruby stained piece with very minimal scratches, see HERE & only one small flake, seen HERE on the base flange where the lid sits. HERE is a
view of the base from the top. 

Fostoria Glass Co.
made ca. 1898.  It still has a
little gold decor left on the lid.  No gold on the base as was often the case in these early years.

REEDING aka Four Lines is a product of the Cambridge Glass
Co. ca. 1916.  This is beautiful glass and the gold is stunning.  It is $65 & we have the matching spooner & creamer in similar pristine condition.
RIBBED IVY is a FLINT Boston & Sandwich Glass Co. creation ca. 1850.... 10 years before the Civil War!  It is in beautiful shape.

RING BAND by Heisey, their #310 ca. 1898. This is a spectacular example of this gorgeous pattern
in custard or ivorina verde with excellent gold decor. It has the Diamond H mark, seen HERE.  $185
We have a matching sugar bowl and spooner.  See the set HERE.
RING BAND by Heisey, their #310 ca. 1898 with less gold but more roses than the one above.  See the Heisey mark HERE.  The glass is custard/ what Heisey called Ivorina Verde.  Exquisite!!
Here's a pattern we'll bet you've never seen before.  It is the elusive Riverside #3 pattern which we'd have never known without Jack Senander's help. The lid and base are both decorated with Riversides engraving #10. It is $85. The matching
sugar & creamer are available in
our Sets Store HERE.
ROCHELLE aka Princess Feather is a very dainty pattern
by Bakewell Pears ca. 1870s.  In those years, butter dishes were bowls with lids.
Seldom seen..... $88
ROSE POINT BAND aka Water Lily is a beautiful pattern but very difficult to photograph!  There are large flowers surrounding the lid & the base.  Indiana Glass Co. made this these, their pattern #153, ca. 1910.  $45
SAWTOOTH, EARLY is a product of & signed with a "W" in the
base, the Westmoreland Glass Co.
ca. 1951.  It is bell toned and
beautiful to behold.  $55

SHIMMERING STAR aka Beaded Star was made by the Indiana Glass Co. at Kokomo ca. 1904.  It is obvious when seen 'in person' why the word shimmering fits it so well.
SHELL & TASSEL is Geo. Duncan
& Sons pattern #155. Made in 1881, this great piece has some problems:  There are some teeny black specks inside the glass on one handle.  The lid has a few flakes under the rim seen HERE and although the dog's profile is good - see HERE, one side of his (or her) nose is chipped, seen HERE.  Still holds butter!  As is $156.
SPRIG aka Panelled Sprig aka Royal pattern was made by Bryce Higbee ca. 1885. Both of these are 6" across the outside of the base with 5 1/2" lids.  The one on the left has a footed base $85 & the one on the right has a flat base. $75

This is a very rare pattern with a squirrel finial.  The maker is unknown but Welker dates it during the 1870s.  There is a tiny nic under the lid edge and a nic on the squirrel's little nose. $215

STAR IN BULLSEYE pattern was made by the U S Glass Co, their pattern #15092, ca. 1905.
This pretty piece has a little of the original gold decor remaining on it.

SUCCESS is a little known
pattern made by the Indiana
Glass Co. just after the turn of
the 19th century.  It has  2 small
nics on the base edge. $85

SWAN aka Lee's Swan aka
Swan with Mesh, exquisitely
made by the Canton Glass Co..  Pieces of this 1882 pattern with
the swan finial undamaged are
few & far between, but
here is one. **SOLD**

aka Sampson
A Greentown pattern ca. 1900.  There is a slight amount of roughness from the mold on the inside lid rim for $65.
We also have one without the roughness for $75.

THOUSAND EYE  OMN Sensation is another Adams
& Co. pattern from 1885. 
This perky version of this
ever popular pattern is footed.

This famous pattern was made by several glass companies over a couple of decades.  The clear margin between the edge and the design tells us that this one was made by the Portland Glass Co. ca. 1870s.

TREE OF LIFE W/ HAND aka Hobbs #90 & #98 aka Pittsburgh Tree of Life pattern is a well known pattern by Hobbs Brockunier & Co. ca. 1879.  You can see a close up of the finial HERE, & a close up of the hand in the standard HERE.  $175


TWO BANDS pattern is aka Doyle's #200, having been made by Doyle & Co. ca. 1890.  The roughness on the lid's inside rim is the result of an overfilled mold.  There are a few flakes on the top rim & a small chip on one corner of the finial.  $55
U S COIN aka Silver Age aka Frosted Coin was made by Central Glass Co. in 1892 using actual 1892 U S currency in the molds.  The Feds confiscated the molds after a few months so this pattern is hard to find.  This butter dish has chips on all 4 corner coins on the base, see HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE & on the finial, see HERE.  There are lid rim chips seen HERE & HERE & chips on the flange of the base that fits up under the lid, seen HERE.  So it is basically 'as is' & priced at 1/3 the value of an undamaged piece, $325.
TREE!  What a name for a pattern of kitchen dishes!  This  beauty was made by Paden City ca. 1915 and it is really pretty, clear glass.   We have a little toothpick holder to match it... see HERE.
Cov'd butter is $58
(with butter dish) is $22
U S DIAMOND BLOCK aka Diamond Waffle aka Patricia aka
U S Glass #15025 is a little known pattern by George Duncan & Sons ca. 1880s & later by the U S Glass Co.   A catalog picture of the
pattern is pictured in Revi's
book pg 307.  $85
VICTORIA, Fostoria's #183
pattern was made ca. 1890.  The lid has partial frosting decor and the base is all clear.  There are 2 small bruises in the edge of the
base. See HERE.

VERSAILLES pattern in milk glass was made by Dithridge ca. 1896.  It has a pretty flowered enamel decor with mostly green on the trim.
The numbers 851 are molded into the inside of the lid.
A very dainty piece for butter.
WESTWARD HO aka Pioneer pattern is
a spectacularly popular pattern made by Gillinder & Sons ca. 1879.  The finial is a crouching Indian & scenes on the sides of the lids & some bases feature a charging buffalo, a log cabin, pine trees & a setting sun.  It has been widely reproduced but this is guaranteed original issue. We have one with some flat flakes under the edge of a couple of scallops at the top of the base for $325 & one undamaged for $425
WHEAT & BARLEY aka Duquesne, a very Victorian pattern was made by Bryce Walker ca. 1880s.

WILDFLOWER is Adams' Glass
Co. Pattern #140 made ca. 1874.
It has a chip on the lid flange that
fits down into the base & several
dings around the top edge of the
base. $45

X-RAY pattern is positively gorgeous in emerald green
& gold! Riverside Glass Works created this pattern ca. 1899. We offer it here to you
for only $135.
ZIPPER aka Cobb aka Late Sawtooth pattern was made by Richards & Hartley ca. 1885. The high domed lid has a pretty,
circular finial.  $85

These prices do not include shipping & insurance cost
and are subject to prior sale .

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